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Posted: 7/20/2002 11:17:02 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/20/2002 11:21:54 AM EST by Jewbroni]
Well, I'm moving out of my apartment of 4 years now - ahh the memories, ahh the drinking, ahh the mosh pit wrestling, ahh the...well you get the point. Long story short? I need to fix me up some dry wall! I've got about 3 spots that need to be fixed or replaced. Two of them are small (1.5" x 1.5") areas that are still intact, but are recessed. One is a much bigger hole (3" x 4") that is, for all purposes, hollowed out empty. This one will be the one needing replacement. How would I go about fixing these different holes, in both equipment and instructions? I need to know how to replace the big one, i.e. cutting a square out, glueing in a new square, and painting it (since the s.r. at Lowe's appears different from mine), and how to simply "pull" the smaller one in. Here's some pictures to help: [img]www.ar15.com/members/albums/Jewbroni%2FSHEET1%2EJPG[/img] Small one [img]www.ar15.com/members/albums/Jewbroni%2FSHEET2%2EJPG[/img] Large one P.S. - I have a tiny vehicle, and I can't fit an entire board of S.R. in my car. I guess I also need to know how much, in square inches, I need to have cut for me (assuming I botch the first job). Thanks!!
Link Posted: 7/20/2002 11:34:56 AM EST
Forget using sheet-rock, it's not your place. I had a similar problem at a house I used to rent. I opted for covering the holes with metal flashing and the covering the edges with the mesh tape and Sheet-Rock plaster, then just primered and painted the bad spots. To make the color match up I just took the painted paper from one of the fragments to my local Wally World and had them make an exact match of the color. You couldn't tell there was ever a hole when I was done unless you tapped the wall on the patch. Jake
Link Posted: 7/20/2002 11:38:34 AM EST
Drywall.....Help I need my deposit back! I live in a modern apartment complex and I have a couple of large holes in the wall. I would like to know how I can fix the wall so that I can get my deposit back. I believe that it needs to be fixed with plaster or something. You can fill small holes with joint compound directly. This comes ready mixed in a can or plastic tub (at the hardware store) and can easily be spread on with a putty knife. Smooth it on, and after it dries sand it flat with some sandpaper wrapped around a block of wood. For a large hole, you need to put something behind the patch to hold it in place so the joint compound doesn't just fall into the wall. You can try this: Where the damage is, cut a patch of wallboard to fit the hole. Cut it square, then cut the wall using your patch as a template the same size and shape as your patch. Next cut a piece of plywood or even another piece of wall board the same shape as your patch but about 1 inch bigger all the way around. drill a hole in the center for your finger to fit through. Pass this backer board into the hole and hold it in place with your finger in the hole. Using a couple drywall screws, screw through the wall into the backup board to hold it in place. Then using the patch of wall board cover the backup board and use joint compound to cover and fill all the seems and screws. Use sand paper (medium) over a block to sand it all flat. It will not be unusual to have to go over it again and fill in some imperfections.. Got this from http://www.handymanwire.com/questions/drywallrepairq.html maybe it will help.
Link Posted: 7/20/2002 11:45:52 AM EST
I agree w/jake.This is not your place,although it looks like you were punching the walls.[;)]the dinner leftovers ie.(chickenbonesnstuff) for the hole filler,then a simple mixture of flour'n'water for a surface finish coat.[;)]PRESTO! then a few coats of matching paint.DONE!
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