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Posted: 6/6/2002 9:39:49 AM EDT
So im writing a paper on why Natl ID Cards are bad, mmkay.  One of my sources must be an interview with someone (preferably w/some kind of credentials, but I dont really care) about the subject.  So if you feel like helping me by giving me a source for my paper, please, feel free to participate.


1.  What do you think of national ID cards?

2.  Are national ID cards necessary?

3.  Why should or shouldnt we adopt a national ID card system?

4.  What pitfalls, abuses, etc do you foresee with a natl ID card?

5.  Are there any real, solid, justifiable needs for a natl ID card?

6.  What do you think about natl ID cards being used to track your movement thru the US?

7.  Do you think a natl ID card is unconstitutional?  (please cite amendment)

Feel free to add any information in addition to these questions.  Thanks all who participate.

edited cuz im a real good speelin college student guy
Link Posted: 6/6/2002 10:13:51 AM EDT
National ID cards are a stupid idea. Fifteen year old kids can get pretty good fake IDs for $20. (I used to work in the convenience business.) What's to stop terrorists with billion dollar budgets from getting great fake ID cards? We can't stop poor Mexicans with NO money from crossing our borders. How are we going to stop rich terrorists?


Link Posted: 6/6/2002 10:26:51 AM EDT
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