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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/8/2001 5:38:11 AM EST
http://www.pennlive.com/news/expresstimes/index.ssf?/news/expresstimes/nj/schundl8.html Gun laws in line of campaign fire Candidates’ stance target of criticism. 08/07/01 By BETH AUERSWALLD The Express-Times TRENTON - New Jersey’s gun laws took center stage in the gubernatorial campaign again Monday, this time with gun-control advocates chiding Bret Schundler for comments he made last week about his Democratic opponent. Representatives of Ceasefire N.J. and the Million Mom March took Schundler, the Republican candidate and former mayor of Jersey City, to task for claiming in a news statement that Jim McGreevey supported right-to-carry legislation when he was a state senator in 1990. Schundler’s new release, issued on Thursday, is "such an example of turning truth on its head, it’s amazing," said Bryan Miller, executive director of Ceasefire, at a Statehouse news conference. The Schundler statement is "such a deceitful and hypocritical document," said Miller, whose FBI agent brother was killed by an assailant with an assault gun in 1994. "Bret Schundler wants us to go back to those days (when semi-automatic weapons were easier to own)," Miller said. Schundler, who has been supported by the National Rifleman Association and the Association of N.J. Rifle and Pistol Clubs, is also "trying to get the gun issue to be a McGreevey issue rather than a Schundler issue." In the news release, Schundler claimed that McGreevey has been distorting the Republican’s position on gun control while voting for right-to-carry legislation. However, Miller and other gun control advocates said the statute on assault weapons cited in Schundler’s release does not grant the right to carry a assault weapon, but the ability to apply for a permit to own one. They also claimed that the requirements for the court approval of an assault weapon or machine gun are so strict that it is "near impossible" to gain approval. On Thursday while campaigning in Cumberland County, shortly before the release of the statement, Schundler said McGreevey had distorted his position on gun control "McGreevey has been attacking me on the gun issue saying that I support allowing schoolchildren to take guns to football games," said Schundler, speaking to reporters outside Bayside State Prison in Maurice River Township. "Now I find that to be an incredibly outrageous thing. ... First of all it is untrue and he knows it is untrue. Second of all, he voted for a right-to-carry bill ... I should say a concealed weapons bill that allows who can show justifiable means to go before a judge to get a permit." Schundler also said Thursday that he does not support right-to-carry legislation. "I’m not going to push for weapons legislation, but if you find that the Legislature passes a bill and find that the public supports that kind of a restricted judicial review bill - where newspaper polls show the public supports it - I would sign that bill," Schundler said. Schundler said his comments on right-to-carry legislation came out of a meeting with a gun rights organization and McGreevey has taken his stance and turned it into him supporting the right to carry any gun in any place.
Link Posted: 8/8/2001 5:38:57 AM EST
The meeting between Schundler and the group took place before the primary and former Congressman Bob Franks, Schundler’s opponent in the June runoff, took the information and ran with it, Schundler spokesman Bill Guhl said Monday. "Bret Schundler is trying to divert away his own support for a law" that would allow people to carry concealed weapons, said Sean Walsh, spokesman for the McGreevey campaign. As for McGreevey’s position on gun control, he "strongly supported legislation to ban assault weapons in New Jersey and stood up to the gun lobby," Walsh said. Not only is McGreevey a supporter of the ban on assault weapons he is also a "strong opponent of any law" allowing concealed weapons, he said. A third gubernatorial candidate, state Sen. William Schluter, I-Hunterdon/Warren, is "in kind of an odd position," said spokesman John Kolesar. Schluter, the former Republican who is running for governor as an Independent, has been endorsed by the gun lobby in his re-elections yet has voted for every gun control bill that has passed, Kolesar said. The senator is "not a rabid gun control (supporter) but he does believe in all of the gun control that has been passed," said Kolesar on Monday. Schluter also believes that people have the right to own guns, say for hunting purposes, but that does not include every gun that is available, he said. P¸ ’ 8 - Copyright 2001 Penn Live. All Rights Reserved.
Link Posted: 8/8/2001 5:34:12 PM EST
"said Miller, whose FBI agent brother was killed by an assailant with an assault gun in 1994." assault gun! holy cow, the guy had a stug.III! what i wouldn't do to get my paws on one of those...[img]http://www.dwcrosby.freeserve.co.uk/img14.gif[/img] btw, do reporters have to graduate elementary school? i think i want to be a reporter next. no disrespect meant to the fallen.
Link Posted: 8/8/2001 6:20:36 PM EST
Man, I hope Schundler wins and repeals some of NJ's retarded laws. I am moving back to NJ in a month or so, and so I just sold 6 of my guns... 4 pistols, a tricked out 10/22, and a shotgun. All I have left is my AR15 and my CZ75B. To make it even worse, I am going from Georgia where I have a Carry permit, to NJ where I need a permit just to buy AMMO... Totally sucks... I hope Schundler can change it, but my heart tells me that if anything, NJ will get WORSE for gun owners.
Link Posted: 8/8/2001 8:02:21 PM EST
haha, 2 faux-commies argueing over who supports the 2nd amendment. "How dare that jerk claim I support a right to bear arms, my voting record clearly shows I'm in favor of a totalitarian elitist society." alphabeta121
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