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Posted: 2/2/2001 8:20:31 AM EST
More incentive for photo developers to call the cops on you.

"... private citizens will be able to anonymously provide this Department with information
                                      regarding individuals or locations involved with illegal handguns. Individuals who provide
                                      information that leads to an arrest for such sale/possession will be eligible for a cash reward
                                      of $500. ..."

Read more about it, including the actual nypd memo here:


Link Posted: 2/2/2001 8:23:29 AM EST
George Orwell's 1984 is just a few years late. Big Brother is Watching! [}:D]
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 8:30:30 AM EST
Hogs are getting hungry[;)]
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 8:40:04 AM EST
That's just great, this will work just fine. NOT!!!

See here's why,

Here I am, picking up developed film of my latest weapons. 17 year old behind the counter peeks at the photo's sees the guns and calls the cops(happened in Kali, but this time there's reward money involved).

My guns are legally owned, but I could be and probably will subjected to a search. Guns legal, no reward money for the pubescent Ahole at the local drugstore. My house a mess, and my person way passed boiling point of anger.

Criminals wont call the cops on another criminal for owning an illegal weapon. They deal with it themselves if need be.

Wonder if they have enough cops to deal with all the calls the're gonna get. If you report 20 people around you, the cops are bound to find a weapon on at least 6-8 adresses. A whole lot of work, but there wont be any reward money paid.

The ideal way to further demonize gunowners and forcing them underground.

Link Posted: 2/2/2001 8:47:14 AM EST
OK. There should be a $500 fine for calling the cops if there aren't any illegal guns found.
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 8:51:12 AM EST
Common sense laws. Is that what you guy expect?
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 9:01:19 AM EST
Let me see if I have this straight.  I report someone ANONYMOUSLY; the cops arrest them and I get $500?  How will I get the reward if I didn't tell them who I was?  How does that work?
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 9:12:10 AM EST
OK. There should be a $500 fine for calling the cops if there aren't any illegal guns found.
View Quote

I agreed, there should be $500.00 for any gun owner who has not violated any laws and yet is inconvenienced by some snoopy pimple faced prick at the Photo Mart.
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 9:22:15 AM EST
I would guess that if a pic of an "illegal handgun" is developed and the photo mart person call the police, then the police have to have an address of the person who brought in the photo.  A photo by itself, without any distinct identifier of the time, date and address of where the pic was taken and by who it was taken, would not be sufficient probable cause for a search warrant, even from the most liberal judge.  The most that could be done at this point is go to the residence of the person possessing the photos and investigate whether the handguns are there, or question the person when he gets the photos or whenever.  This would require a voluntary admission to search.  A photo of unknown origin is not enough by itself, in my opinion, for a search warrant.  There has to be much more facts to base a search warrant on.  However, if during questioning the pics owner admits to having illegal weapons in his abode a warrant could probably be obtained.

I dont know the facts on the recent photo mart pic of the guy with the bombs but I bet they picked him up, from his name and address from the photo mart, and got some sort of admission from him then did a search either by consent or by warrant after questioning.  Otherwise how would they have known he planned to blow up the school?
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 9:27:29 AM EST
Ohwell, that's just blatantly unconstitutional. But then, so is the War on Drugs and, for that matter, any restrictions on gun ownership for law-abiding citizens.

The way I see it, our *only* real hope right now is the Emerson case. That will make or break us. But I have confidence in the Supreme Court, at least for now.

I've given up on working through the legislature. That operates on the premise that the legislature has the actual right to control arms or not control them, which it does not.We have to move through the courts.

*crosses fingers*
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 10:00:50 AM EST
We need a crossed finger smiley.
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 10:13:43 AM EST
Some devious SOB could set up the local SWAT. Take a couple of photos with your "KILL 'EM ALL. LET GOD SORT 'EM OUT" T-shirt on, all your ARs and other assorted stuff, a couple of empty 2" pipe nippels with end caps on, an alarm clock, batteries, reloding supplies (gun powder and primers)....nothing illegal, just a bunch of stuff that the sheeple THINK should be illegal.  Then just stay up the next couple of nights and wait for a B&E to be perpetrated by a bunch of black pajama wearin hooligans.  

Hell, I farm and have all that stuff lying around not to mention pre-ban urea fertilizer and diesel fuel for my tractor.

Can I say that out loud?
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 10:18:25 AM EST
This is a NYC NYPD program not a NYS program.

I don't know the specifics but anonymous programs usually give you a code number. You call
back and check the status with the code number.

I don't know what happens if you try and collect the reward. I would think that you're not
going to be anonymous at that point.

Link Posted: 2/2/2001 10:34:08 AM EST
case 1.  zit faced kid calls the cops to report the so-called illegal guns.  Cops raid house at night or early AM.  Legal gun owner hears a "break-in" and gets weapon.  Gun owner defends family and fires on group intruders knowing he is not a criminal. Cops or suspect die, or both die...

Case 2. Zit faced kid calls cops. Cops raid house.  Cops find you on top of your wife and you are detained via MP5. Cops find nothing, and find report was incorrect.  Zit faced boy says sorry and everything is dropped.  You buy a new door...

I just hope ATF will look very hard at the individual giving the info and the suspect in question before serving a no-knock visit. On a flip side, we do need to remove guns from criminals hands before they take away our freedom to own. That's a fact, but how do you do it?
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 10:54:44 AM EST
This is a New York City Police Department program. Not an ATF program. NYC has had an anonymous tip line for many years.  

It's highly unlikely a judge is going to issue a search warrant based only on an anonymous tip
without any collaborative evidence.

Link Posted: 2/2/2001 11:55:19 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 12:38:10 PM EST
a cool way to get revenge on someone you dont like i'd suppose
Link Posted: 2/2/2001 4:15:46 PM EST
Imbroglio is right......digital camera from now on.
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