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Posted: 9/13/2004 12:49:26 PM EDT
Although I appreciate results of the NRA, I am often disappointed with the performance of their reps on TV. Particularly that of Sandra Froman on Nightline the other night.

I feel that she had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to flush a major gun grabber on national television and blew it. She fell right into a trap where Police Chief Bratton wanted her, pissing over gun death statistics. If I were and blissful soccer mom or a metrosexual male, I would have went away believing that 28,000 gun deaths and some dozen or so police deaths every year was a perfectly acceptable situation to the NRA. This lady is a second amendment activist and knows all of the hysterical arguments that would be thrown at her, but she appeared utterly unprepared for these tactics. She also knew that Ted Koppel would do all he could to make her look rediculous, and he did.

Even Wayne LaPierre, when on a TV interview show, often looks like a scared POW under interrogation.

Perhaps a new officer position is in order - Public Affairs Director - someone who is camera-friendly and can convincingly argue the truth with hostile media types and hysterical gun grabbers.

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