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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/26/2002 5:56:53 PM EST
Well, it's that time again. Time for NRA Life Members to vote for some new folks to the Board of Directors. I haven't heard from Keal Knox lately, except for his column in Shotgun News. But I see in the latest edition of "The American Rifleman" that there is still some dissent among the ranks by a proposed change in by-laws, called the State Director Bylaw. Mr. LaPierre seems pretty comfortable in his $250,000-a-year position. I am sure that Mr. Baker, Mr Robinson, et.al are pulling down some pretty attractive salaries, too, in the name of fighting for our gun rights. And we keep hearing about how effective the NRA is at stopping anti-gun legislation. But now we have the "Assault Weapon Ban" (that didn't address one true assault weapon); we have the magazine limit law; we have the "Brady Bill"; we have the National Instant Background Check, whose records are being stored by the FBI; we have gun-free zones at schools, that encourage cowards to attack helpless kids; and we have gun-free zones in airplanes, where terrorists with box cutters can commandere an entire airliner and fly it to kill thousands of innocent people; we have dozens of states with concealed carry laws where the applicant has to bribe the local constabulary with a "fee" to exercise his right to carry a gun, and where the sheriff's offices not only fingerprint the applicants, but also charge them for the service (but they don't charge criminals who they arrest). With effective leadership like this, can full registration of all gun owners be very far off? That said, does anyone have a list of directors to use instead of those supported by the "LaPierre Machine"? If so, please email me off-list at "shoots4fun@aol.com" Thank you. S4F NRA Endowment Member NRA Certified Firearms Instructor Life Member NAHC PSU Alumni SIU Alumni
Link Posted: 1/26/2002 6:12:43 PM EST
Do you know for sure if Wayne makes $250.000, or are you just being a smart-a$$. NRA Endowment Life SASS NMLRA
Link Posted: 1/26/2002 6:35:18 PM EST
Why doesn't Neal Knox and his supporters form a small pro-gun rights organization instead of being so devisive within the NRA? Don't you think Mr. Knox could be at least as successful as Alan Gottlieb and his organization? The NRA is similar to so many large corporations and their annual stockholders meetings with the attempts by some to change the bylaws or company policies. It seems alot of times it's a battle between the Haves and The Have-nots.
Link Posted: 1/26/2002 6:36:58 PM EST
Knox's website is saddly silent on the NRA elections, again. But I think his idea for the amendment was to get one director from each state. Thus making the directors a little more connected to the members. I wonder if the "celebrity" directors really "do" anything. Or are they just there to look pretty. I have noticed in reading the resumes of the people the Nominating Committee recommends that most seem to be "members of xxxx committee" and the like. A lot of the people they don't recommend have resumes that read "I testified before Congress", "I helped block passage of xxx" etc. People who have done something rather than president of the local sportsman's club.
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