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Posted: 2/24/2007 10:56:55 AM EDT
Firearms Coalition NRA Board Recommendations

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   Thursday, 25 January 2007

   Well it's that time of year again and those of you who are Life
Members or have been regular members of NRA for five or more
consecutive years should have received the "Ballot Issue" of your NRA
magazine this week.

   We are receiving a lot of requests for recommendations of who to
vote for and so we respond with the following based on the principle
that Change is Good.

   History tells us that all, or almost all of the current Board
Members running will be reelected, making it highly unlikely that more
than two or three new members can win and those that do are almost
guaranteed to be among those nominated by the Nominating Committee.

   That being the case, we recommend that you "bullet vote", casting
your ballot with as few as just one, but no more than three or four
names marked. For a variety of reasons, we recommend you vote only for
candidates you personally know and respect and one or all of the
following three well qualified candidates:

   *_Johnny Nugent_* is highly recommended by activists in his home
state of Indiana

   *_Curtis Jenkins_* receives similar endorsement from our friends
in Georgia

   *_David Jones_* has been a prominent activist and leader in
Missouri for many years

   *We are voting for only those three.*

   If you feel you must vote for more than just three, other
candidates who are not current members of the Board include:

   Charles Fox
   Steven Schreiner
   Fred Edgecomb
   Cleta Mitchell
   Al Cardenas
   James Dark
   Ken Elliott

   Please do not vote for any of the several long-time members of the
Board and celebrities that are up for reelection. Skip the old
standards in favor of a few new faces.

   Please share this information - post it on forums, in gun shops
and at ranges, e-mail it to your NRA friends.

   The Board of Directors is supposed to set policy and hold staff
accountable for following those policies; instead the Board is being
managed by the staff. Every new face elected to the Board offers the
potential for a shift away from that status quo.

   We hope you find this helpful.

   Yours for the Second Amendment,

   The Knox Crew
   Neal Knox Associates
   The Firearms Coalition

Link Posted: 2/24/2007 12:02:31 PM EDT
Is there a Jim Zumbo write-in campaign underway?

<runs like hell>

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