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Posted: 5/19/2001 10:17:58 PM EDT
Pretty Good Show! Lots of Vendors like Armalite - Glock, Para- ordance, Colt, Sig Arms, Taurus, Ruger, HK, says even S&W, etc. Like the Armalite's Camo AR15's, 50BMG,etc.. The Banquet was amazing.. FL Sec State Kathreen Harris was present - She got a loud Welcome applause.. Secretary of the Interior was the 2001 speaker – Gale A. Norton -Very smart women, Great Outdoors person who believes in Gun ownership and hunting rights, and believes NRA participation is needed in conservation of wildlife, keeping hunting alive and most of all we need to put away criminals with Guns and reducing crime using existing Laws. She had a letter from President Bush thanking us for support and is wanting to work with NRA and others in making America safe from Guns the right way and is looking into providing funds to do it the right way. She also mentioned of Skeet Shoot she and her husband had with the president Bush . I can not remember the right words but it sound very good. You know, at least we have a president who shoots! She covered the Energy policy, etc. It was very sincere and mentioned more than once on individual rights to ownership of firearms. Also mentioned that the ammo and sports equipment we buy supports Wild Life preservation and the money generated does not get misused like in the past! Got to shake hands with Col. Jeff Cooper and thanked him for making his writings interesting and entertaining! The banquet had Singers Pam Tillis and Lee Greenwood entertain - Lee expressed his support for right to bare arms. He sang the “song .. Its great to be American ..” bought everyone to their feet and it was very emotional for me and many others .. Oh.. He also sang a song to praise those who gave lives for our freedom. What can I say .. We could be worst off – I am glad we as NRA members are getting Smarter and want to play more active roles to preserve our 2nd Amendment right and are getting our voices heard by contacting those who matter. Bought Eddie Eagle Shirt , NRA 2001 for my 11 yr old daughter to wear to school and a stuffed Eddie to put on my daughters bag to get her friends to interested in it and she to explain. She is already doing her job to try to educate the her peers in her school and they are accepting her beliefs.. So we hope we are planting some seeds into their minds to think independently on issues of Guns. Eddie’s msg hopefully goes through also and hopefully school teachers see that as a way to educate and not necessary take the route to make Guns as a Bad thing… Well, I do not want to make it long but the next event will be held at Reno. See you there, next yr. Thanks.
Link Posted: 5/20/2001 4:54:35 PM EDT
did you get a good look at the new ar180 from armalite? if so how about a report. sloth
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