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Posted: 11/26/2001 11:03:14 PM EDT
Heard something on the radio(880 AM) about the supreme court(SCOTUS or SCONJ??) upholding a ban on AWs in NJ. I seem tothink I heard that it included possesion of those prchased before the ban as well. My hearing was split, my wife was talking and I was supposed to be listening to her so i didn'tget the whole story. Anyone know for sure what's happening? Sherm
Link Posted: 11/26/2001 11:46:00 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/26/2001 11:44:04 PM EDT by Goad]
This Supreme Court has never ruled for the 2nd. There are 4 left wing radicals that don't accept the concept of limits imposed by the Constitution and like Reno find the 2nd Amendment meaningless. There are 3 Supremes that do believe in the Constitution. And there are 2 who seem to believe in most of the Constitution but don't like firearms or the 2nd. We need two new judges that can read English AND can also get past the Democrats in the Senate, AND who are lawyers. Hatch and Ashcroft and maybe President Bush's Presidential Counsel - I forget his name - are about the only hopes, IMHO. Wish it was better.
Link Posted: 11/27/2001 4:30:12 AM EDT
What happened is that the SCOTUS refused to hear a challange to NJ's ass gun ban. The challange was on vagueness, not any Second Amendment basis.
Link Posted: 11/27/2001 4:43:20 AM EDT
Just keep voting Republican and we'll eventually get a U. S. Supreme Court we can all live with. But insofar as New Jersey is concerned, I'm afraid it's hopeless. Even the Republicans there believe in gun control, just a wee bit less stringent than the DEMOS. Eric The(GOP-Shill)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 11/27/2001 5:01:34 AM EDT
Too true, too true.
Link Posted: 11/27/2001 6:16:15 AM EDT
NJ will never change. Thats why I left it. Thankfully the job paid for the move. CB
Link Posted: 11/27/2001 8:29:39 AM EDT
Here's a writeup [url]http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/ap/20011126/pl/scotus_assault_weapons_3.html[/url]
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