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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 5/29/2003 6:46:22 PM EDT
NFA Questions: 1. Do I have to keep BATFE informed when I move from one residence to another. Is this a law or requirement to possess the weapon. I have several NFA AOW's. One dating back to the early 80's. I have moved from the residence on the registration papers. As long as I am in compliance with local law do they need to know? 2. Second question has any one every had BATFE follow up after the purchase (random check) an request to see the weapon? thanks for any ideas
Link Posted: 5/29/2003 8:53:47 PM EDT
1. Are you moving across state lines? If not, you don't need to notify the BATF at all. Even more importantly, you only need to do the 5320.20 form for machine guns, SBRs, SBSs and DDs. AOW's are exempt. 2. That random check thing is a myth. It doesn't happen. And in the utterly remote chance BATF comes to your door asking to see your AOW, you should ask to see their warrant (they won't have one).
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