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Posted: 2/8/2002 4:35:23 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/10/2002 6:01:07 AM EST by Red_Dragon]
I just received this from my sister, who lives right by this girl. I'm too far away to do much good, but thought the AR15 family could help out. She has been missing since the 2nd, from the San Diego area. [url]http://www.daniellemissing.com[/url] If anyone in that area could keep an eye out I would appreciate it!! (I figured out how to make it active)
Link Posted: 2/8/2002 4:42:45 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/8/2002 4:42:46 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/8/2002 4:43:45 AM EST by slacko]
kiwi beat me to it...
Link Posted: 2/8/2002 4:56:23 AM EST
Sorry, I've never posted a link before!!
Link Posted: 2/8/2002 5:17:43 AM EST
is this the girl who disappeared from her own bedroom in the middle of the night? i saw a news spot about that and this girl looks like her but i can't remember is that was the case. personally, and i hate being cynical about this but...., if this was an abduction by a stranger, the poor girl probably isn't alive any more. unless she was abducted so someone else could have a child of their own. but people who take children for any other reason generally don't let them live to talk about it. i hope she didn't suffer too long.
Link Posted: 2/8/2002 6:40:37 AM EST
ARlady, I fear you are right, but I always try to hope for the best. In 6 days, she could be anywhere in the U.S., but let's hope this will end well, or at least end soon!!
Link Posted: 2/8/2002 12:09:33 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/8/2002 12:45:11 PM EST
Good luck, she will be in my families prayers. God bless.
Link Posted: 2/8/2002 1:32:32 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/8/2002 2:53:41 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/8/2002 9:41:13 PM EST
BTT ColtShorty GOA KABA COA JPFO SAF NRA "I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I require the same from them."
Link Posted: 2/8/2002 10:15:50 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/10/2002 6:00:13 AM EST
btt She was featured on America's Most Wanted last night. Let's just keep an eye out, please!! My Nephew went to school with her. It's been scary for the family!! God bless them all!!
Link Posted: 2/10/2002 6:14:22 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/10/2002 6:37:40 AM EST
That's interesting Paul. I talked to my sister last night and she said there was a lot of other stuff going on that is not put on the news (It's on CNN and MSNBC all the time now). That wouldn't surprise me if the neighbor did it. It is sad times that we live in. On a somewhat related note: A few months ago, I found footprints in my backyard in the snow. They went from the side fence next to the corner house to the bathroom window, and then retraced back. There was NO WAY my wife or I did that cause there were no footprints close enough to the house or leading to the house. So I installed a motion detector attached to a radio to warn us of any possible intruders. The Shotgun is loaded with 00buck and ready to go. Just goes to show that your not safe anywhere you live!! I live in a zero crime neighborhood (burglary, theft, etc.), but this stuff still happens!!
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