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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/4/2006 5:12:45 PM EST
I had to tow a car out to Kansas City Missouri the other day. Left Reading,PA Sunday morning.
I got caught in some wicked nasty weather Sunday night while crossing through Illinois, driving West on I-70.
I drove into a wall of rain that rivaled Niagra falls. It was litterally a WALL of falling water...
It was so bad, I slowed to 40mph and could hardly keep my dually on the road.
I jumped off one exit before Effingham, (Montrose exit 105) and parked behind a building to shield the car and truck from possible hail and flying debris.
I sat there for about 20 minutes and got back underway.
Just a few miles up the road at milemarker 91 there were several 18 wheelers blown over and off the road. It must have just happenned because there were no ambulances there yet, just police cars. They also had to detour us off at exit 57 due to another couple trucks layed over on the roadway further up I-70.
Yesterday afternoon when I came back through the area on my return home, the trucks were still laying there being off-loaded. One Eastbound truck blown over into the center median and at least two or more Westbound trucks blown over and off the road.
I also saw the top of a silo, and a trampoline laying alongside I-70... They must have flown a long way, because it was nothing but open farmland as far as I could see.
If those weren't tornados, they were damn close. I've NEVER been in such bad weather before...
I actually buckled my seatbelt and locked the doors just in case my truck was 'gonna be carried away like Dorothy and Toto.

Total distance out and back was 2200 miles. Cost me $586 in gas. The truck averaged about 9-9.5mpg towing the car, and went up to 12.5mpg just dragging the empty trailer back.
I left at 7am Sunday morning, and just got home 5pm tonight.
Made it to exit 178 in Missouri the first day, stayed in a $29 roach motel that night, got up the next morning, delivered the car and got started on the return home at exactly 1pm yesterday afternoon. Made it 10 miles into Ohio and stopped at an Econo Lodge for the night. Got on the road again this morning at 8am and made it home by 5pm here in Reading, PA.

Link Posted: 4/4/2006 5:23:34 PM EST
The area has been getting pounded lately. First round killed 5 then this round killed just shy of 30... Storms a re pissy this year. You need to work on your driving stamina... Topeka to Central New Hampshire is 24 hours....
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