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Posted: 10/18/2001 8:13:53 PM EDT
I was in Myrtle Beach tuesday and of course everytime I am in a different city I watch for gun shops. Well I see this "Myrtle Beach Indoor Shooting Range". Of course I go in and find a very well stocked store considering the small space. What shocked me was the prices these guys thought they can get out of their gear. First thing I look at was a CAI STG FAL. The tag was marked 890 bucks. Isn't CAI the ones that make the crappy FAL's? The tag was marked both STG and L1A1. It had a metric receiver so I know it was metric. After swallowing hard I step to the AR's and check the tag on the first one. It was priced for around $1500 for a postban Bushmaster. Swallow again and check the next one. A Bushmaster again but this one was only 1400 bucks. Well on to the next AR. It was a Colt and I thought this would be priced high too. They wanted only 1200 and some change for it. Of course these were all postban rifles. I was really shocked at the price of their rifles. Well I went to their display that held their rifle mags and ask to see a mag for an FAL. The guy digs around in the bottom of the display case and eventually finds them. He hands it to me and they had a price of 50 dollars on a new FAL mag. I asked him if it was a mistake and he asks boss and answers it was correct as he hands me another mag. Well again I thought they had to have some better prices on their AR15 mags. Nope I was wrong again. They had a bunch of the useless 20 round aluminum USA mags for $36. It will be a cold day in hell that I or anyone that I know will pay 50 bucks for a mag that can be bought in the same condition for 8 dollars. How is that people like this can stay in business? Would I be wrong in suggesting a thread to be posted at the top that lists businesses that are not good to deal with?
Link Posted: 10/18/2001 8:39:14 PM EDT
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Only if you want to get sued. (see the magazine forum for further details, specifically the thread entitled "Look what RGUNS sent me").
Link Posted: 10/18/2001 8:44:33 PM EDT
Don't worry about getting sued. As long as you are truthful and accurate in you claims, they cant touch you. You can get sued for walking your doggie. But that doesn't mean that they will get shit.
Link Posted: 10/18/2001 11:01:42 PM EDT
Welcome to South Carolina. Most of the gun shop owners here seem to assume all of the customers are ignorant. I'll admit, I've paid my share of ridiculous prices in SC gun shops. I paid $10 for a pack of 100 Winchester primers and $10 for three ounces of Bullseye powder (guy poured it into a zip-lock bag and weighed it) before I knew better. At least I didn't pay $300 for a Mosin Nagant, $35 for a chinese AK mag, or $750 for an AK single-stack Maadi (worth about $150) that I've seen near where I live. Oh yeah, I saw a $300 Nagant revolver and a $700 for a Springfield Milspec 1911 (saw one for $450 in Atlanta) this week in a shop. The bad part is that I see people paying these prices. The shop I was in got $675 for the Springfield! To add insult to injury, the buyer bought three boxes of UMC 45 ammo to go with it for the low price of $25 each. SC is one of the poorest states, and it pains me to see people, that can't afford it, paying too much. I keep waiting on a store with fair prices to show-up and put the rip-off artists out of business, but it hasn't happened yet.z
Link Posted: 10/18/2001 11:08:46 PM EDT
Forgot to mention that two weeks ago, I saw a post-ban stripped Bushmaster lower sell for $350 in a shop in the same town I live-in. The guy was finishing-up the paperwork when I walked in. I was good. I didn't demand that the thief (the store owner) have his hands cut-off for stealing. The guy who bought it, needed to have used the extra $200 profit from the lower to fix his truck. It took him several tries to get it started, and it was missing a window. It made me sick to have watched the store owner take advantage of the guy like that.z
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