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Posted: 10/31/2002 11:58:47 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 12:06:25 PM EST
Mojo, You already are a member here! I do understand, however, that the financial constraints on our eye doctors has reached incredible levels not previously seen. j/k buddy, it sounds like a great idea. I will bring some cash this spring!
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 12:10:37 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 12:14:06 PM EST
I've got an idea! I'll pay for your membership for the first year and in return you could let me have some more fun w/ your full-auto toys at ETH's this spring. What a deal! BTW, I'm totally serious.
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 12:40:02 PM EST
Originally Posted By mojo: ALL the profits, and I mean ALL, will go directly to Goatboy's AR15.com. In doing this way, I'll raise more than enough for my membership, so even I'm not a member, but unofficially I'm a member.[:D] Do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks.
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Suggestion???? Just send a check, quicker & less painful.
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 1:26:28 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 1:38:01 PM EST
Originally Posted By GoatBoy: you will never be anything less than official. [=)]
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Yup ! You ARE a member here. Nothing Less ! [:)]
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 1:39:28 PM EST
Originally Posted By GoatBoy: Just bury it and move on.
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And I continue to bite my tongue ... [;)]
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 1:39:58 PM EST
Juan you read more into it. Sending a check for team membership is far quicker & sure saves a ton of wear on his barrels.
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 1:42:16 PM EST
Hey Mojo, Count me in on a rental! We can only own water guns and bb guns out here in the PRNJ ! [:D]
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 2:42:42 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/31/2002 2:43:41 PM EST by mojo]
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 3:16:41 PM EST
Frown, are you formerly Grin? I'm bettin. LOL
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 3:48:56 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 3:52:25 PM EST
well dudes, you might be in luck. I'm probably going to organize a shoot in the spring in the Austin area to be the sequel of the one I organized in August. At least 10 people showed up with fully auto weapons, and we had a BLAST. More things to shoot (at) would have been great, but next time will be better!
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 3:53:13 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/31/2002 3:58:18 PM EST by Frown_N_Barrett]
mojo: the quickest way to contribute to this site is to send a check like I suggested for a Team membership. These guys spend an enormous amount of time (&$) to keep this site going for the benefit of the users & FEW actually understand that & even fewer appreciate it. Your post shows you do. Many think this site just appears here & take it for granted & act accordingly like it is some god given playground. Letting people share your Class II toys is commendable but if you shoot up enough ammo to have profits pay a membership you may regret it, Class II doesn't grow on trees... well maybe in TX they do, but up here you have to search thru the weeds of govt paperwork & dig deep in the wallet. If you really want to help, let others know that Team memberships are here for a reason, to show support & lessen to load of some of those really paying the bills for it.
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 3:54:38 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/31/2002 3:56:08 PM EST by RBAD]
Mojo, Will you adopt me!!!???!!! I really resent you guys that live in "Free America" ! [:D] No shit ... In NJ, you have to apply for a "pistol purchase permit" from your local CLEO if you want to buy a BB or pellet pistol! [:(]
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 4:23:34 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 4:36:19 PM EST
What is Team Membership, and what does it cost.
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 4:53:06 PM EST
$60.00 bucks a year and your heart and soul, Baby, your heart and soul! [:D] Eric The(ButYou'llUnderstand,Soon)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 4:58:58 PM EST
Originally Posted By GreenDragon: What is Team Membership, and what does it cost.
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My point
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 5:05:13 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/31/2002 5:14:53 PM EST
Some people may have their own (good) reasons not to be a paying member. I also know some of those people have paid for others to be a member. It ain't the 60 bucks. Mojo, I like your idea of donating to the fund to wear out your barrels (more than we already do, and a million thanks for that). Gonna have a great time at the next TX shoot. TXLEWIS
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