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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/29/2005 5:01:41 AM EDT
This was taken from another web site. A local E-bud made the trip and it's his writeup.

Thought it was interesting. Mot likley not a dupe.

My trip to Crawford

Decided when I woke up Saturday morning that I would drive down to Crawford to see the goings on. There was a Pro Bush Rally and a caravan leaving from the Dallas Convention Center, but I didn’t want any part of driving in a caravan for 120 miles.

I headed out late, and at the last minute decided to take the back roads. Rushing to get out of the house, I left the digital camera behind. I stopped in Hillsboro and bought a disposable from there took the back way into Crawford. Thru Whitney and down 56/317 to the north end of Crawford.

I was glad I made that decision when I got to town. Apparently there were close to 500 cars in the pro Bush Caravan, and they had highway 6 backed up coming out of Waco.

First thing I see when I get into town (besides the throngs of people) was a helicopter flying overhead. I didn’t think anything of it, just a press helicopter until I saw a big star on the side of it. DPS. Apparently they had a “bear in the ait”.

I parked on a side street and saw a sign for the pro Bush rally, and started walking that way. I immediately noticed it was very hot outside…to the tune of 102. Why can’t all the moonbats come out when it’s not so dang hot? I started walking towards the rally and I noticed that there were just as many people walking from the rally site as going to it. I stopped somebody and asked if I was going the right way. He told me yeah, but it’s like a mile down the road. I decided that walking a mile thru the 100 plus degree heat without any water on my person wasn’t a safe idea. So I decided to go see if I could find the Media Whore and the Peace House as they were calling it.

Off a couple blocks south and I stumble right on Peace House. Moonbat central. You won’t find so many hairy women’s legs unless you are at a bull dyke convention. Heh, maybe I was. I didn’t “dress” up like some of the pro Bush people. You know the type, the Flag shirts and the red white and blue hats…no I was in neutral colors. The moonbats, knowing that Crawford was literally being overrun with Pro Bush supporters were getting anxious. They were screaming at every Pro Bush person walking by. Calling this one old woman a facist. They sure were making brownie points.

They had a couple of tents set up, and they were running shuttle vans to their camp. I guessed they were running them from parking spots….but I had forgotten about Camp Casey I out at the Bush Ranch.

I talked to a few moonbats, not letting on I was Pro Bush. This one guy who’s name was Frank was telling me the Secret Service and the FBI had infiltrated their camp and they were probably listening to our conversation. This guy looked (and smelled) like he hadn’t had a bath in weeks. His eyes darted from side to side, and when I asked if I could take his picture, he actually RAN away. I stifled a laugh and moved on.

Next I came upon two guys on Horseback. Typical Texans, got to love them. They were being interviewed by a local newsperson. On the side of their horses they had written “Go Home Cindy”. Being right in front of Camp Casey II and getting all the press attention didn’t make the Lefty’s very happy. They started yelling at these two gentlemen. The name-calling began again. These guys weren’t fascists, they were racists. Racist hicks. I half expected the big guy to get down from his horse and kick the living dog shit out of some hippy chick, but he just smiled, tipped his hat and moved on.

The media whore was nowhere to be found. I decided I’d keep looking for her.

As I was walking back uptown, I saw license plates from Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arizona, Nevada and Louisiana. The “You Don’t Talk for me, Cindy” crowd were in town. But, the Texans were also there in force. With their Flags flying and their Support our Troops signs, they had descended upon the town to show the worlds media that the Cindy Shehens of the world were the minority.

And boy howdy did they descend on Crawford….by the hundreds. In their SUV’s, their Luxury Coaches and their BMW’s and Mercedes. It almost looked like Plano.

Crawford is a very small town. The sign outside of town says 715 people, and they had borrowed cops from nearby towns to help direct the traffic jam. Walking thru said traffic jam, I headed uptown to find the counter protest.

What a moving moment. Two mothers of fallen Texas soldiers were telling their side of the story. And guess what? No NBC, CNN, ABC or CBS reporters anywhere to be seen. They were just telling their story to whoever would listen. They’d never make national news, they supported the President.

I next went and did some shopping, spending some money with the pro Bush merchants that have setup in town. And when I talked to a few more people that had come from the football stadium where the rally was being held, I decided against hiking out there. You would have to walk over a mile, and the place was packed. I decided to see if Cindy was out at the Ranch.

I loaded up and drove the 8 miles out of town to President Bush’s Ranch. When driving NW out of Crawford, you see why George bought his property here. It’s beautiful country.

Once I got close to the protest site, I looked at my camera and saw I had one more picture left. Dangit. What to do. So I took the last picture as I drove thru the Secret Service Checkpoint. People everywhere, but still a small amount of people compared to in town.

I parked about a quarter of a mile down the road and walked back to the protest site. On one side of the road was the Pro Bush people, on the other was the Camp Casey I, moonbat central. Separating the two was about 20 county sheriff deputies, mostly women. I decided upon exiting the Suburban to see if I could infiltrate the Camp Casey side. As I walked up to Camp Casey, I was greeted by mean scowls and looks. Guess I look like a Republican. I kept moving forward looking around, trying to find the Media Whore. She was nowhere to be found. I asked around, they said she was probably being interviewed by some media outlet. Mmmmm, do I detect a hint of resentment? I asked why she got all the attention while these guys were out in the 105 degree inferno? I just got an empty look in return.

Only one Media truck was out at the site, CNN. Whodathunkit? No Wolf Blitzer though. After about 15 minutes these great unwashed people were beginning to bore me, so I moved across the street to the Pro Bush side. They were weary of me at first, as I had crossed the street. I told them I was trying to infiltrate the anti Bush side. This one guy just laughed and invited me under his tent for a cold bottle of water. After we talked for a while, I told him that I needed to head back to town. He urged me to stay, as he said once the sun went down that things always got strange on the Camp Casey side.

I told him that I wish I could stay, but sitting in the hot sun and not watching baseball wasn’t my idea of fun. Maybe if they had a Fall Protest I’d be back.

I packed up and headed back to Keller. I didn’t get to see the Media Whore, but I did get to experience a bunch of moonbats being over run by everyday working folks. The people that make this country strong. It was fun watching the panic on their faces.

Link Posted: 8/29/2005 5:08:57 AM EDT
heck yeah...that guy is from Keller....me too!

Screw the hippies!
Link Posted: 8/29/2005 5:34:47 AM EDT
I'm very curious to see how the locals treat the rancher that allowed Cindi and her Moonbats to camp in his property.

I don't think folks will take kindly to that . . .

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