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Posted: 11/3/2004 11:52:28 AM EDT
As a libertarian, I always like it when the DNC loses.  Anyway, my take:

What the left-wing loony liberals will not take from this election is that THEY DO NOT REPRESENT MAINSTREAM AMERICA. The elitist scum that panders to the "gimmies" and brainwashes people through the media with twisted half-truths and deliberate lies have been revealed for what they are. Running the most leftist Senator the US has ever seen, a man that would have been lynched in the McCarthy days, a man that makes TED FREAKING KENNEDY look conservative, is NOT the way to win. The DNC handed the GOP its greatest victory in over 40 years by running John Kerry, a man without principles, a spine, or an ounce of consistency. A man who has voted against the military time and time again. The DNC forced the hands of the US electorate and produced the LARGEST amount of voters in history because they ran a candidate so repugnant to mainstream views.

The voters of South Dakota also put Daschle out on his ass. They saw through the bull he spewed, saw that he DID NOT represent South Dakota, but instead the mainstream of the DNC, like the views of Kerry and Clinton. John Edwards's seat was handed to a republican, to make a point about how they feel about the DNC and Edwards.

In other words: TAKE A HINT. Look at the county by county map of America. 85% of it is red. Either start representing America, or go the way of the Whigs. In fact, please do. We desperately need the LP to become a 2nd party.

And to the EU/UN: Piss off. You dont control us, and we dont give a flying fuck what you think. Your opinion of our country matters not.
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