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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/17/2002 6:46:24 PM EST
Bill I agree with you guest, on the segment about the military joining the hunt for the DC shooter. Why do they really need the militaries help? Is because all the agencies involved to this point are inept? Come on doesn't the BATF, FBI, Secret Service, any of the local PD, have equipment to solve this crime? For many years now the Federal and local governments have systematically disarmed the population, under the false pretence that they could protect its populations. The further we are disarmed the higher the violent crime rate goes. With the act of the military getting involved, A dangerous president has been set. And if it is allowed to continue, in the future some will say there is no need for a police force. Just use the military to find the criminal and have an arrest agent pick them up. The military does not abide by the rules civilian police must. The can search and seizes without warrant. For example the U.S is now holding many suspected terrorist with out a hearing or bail. Everything has been conducted in secret. If this investigation is run as a military operation, eventually every firearm owner will be picked up and held without due possesses, until the guilty party can be discerned from the innocent. That is un-American. And reeks of a totalitarian state. I for one am opposed to the use of the military in any civilian crime investigation. If the investigating parties need help they only need look to its freedom loving people. Let them arm themselves and patrol their neighborhoods.
Link Posted: 10/17/2002 6:57:05 PM EST
You'll get no support for that from Bill. He is on record as saying we don't need "the ak-15's and what not". That guy is an asshole. Hannity, for all his foibles, is at least encouraging the idea of citizenry shooting the sniper if identified.
Link Posted: 10/17/2002 7:04:01 PM EST
Yeah I know. I have written him several letters, out of contempt for his views. When I first saw him I thought he was a good voice to have on the air. Now I whish he would go away. Every time I write a letter to one of these type of people I am upset. And it shows in my grammar. Oh well the end is getting closer, I hope I live to see the day his type beg us to protect them.
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