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Posted: 8/30/2004 6:09:32 AM EDT

I had mentioned that my kid would be in the presence of the president today, he is the ssg of the monroe county young marines

he spent time rehearsing, and getting schooled by the secret service yeaterday about how things were to operate, he was picked from the whole group with 3 others to do work inside of the building, here is the deal

he will be working security for the event, when people come in he checks the tickets, looks for kerry supporters/double t shirts ect, and when he finds them, signs, stickers, any kerry stuff, or hippie types, he takes the ticket, rips it in half and helps toss them out, no disruptions in this event, cool eh

He should be on television, sitting to the rear of the president, cool eh?

secondary job is to be a pep rally leader, undoubtedly some kerry disruptors will sneak in from one of the many entrances and start chanting kerry, or something worse, when this happens he is supposed to lead a huge rally of bush supporters in screaming pro bush stuff to drown out the kerry trash while they are being removed, i love it!

he is so happy and proud, he really loves this president, and would welcome the opportunity to toss out hippies and kerry supporters

he in his duties before has met clinton, gore, while somewhat of a big deal it fades to nothing in comparison to this REAL PRESIDENT!, his words

while with the secret service the democrats and hippies were referred to as "pinko commies"
Link Posted: 8/30/2004 6:11:28 AM EDT
What a cool job. Tell him to kick some Kerry supporter butt for me.
Link Posted: 8/30/2004 6:20:10 AM EDT
Pics.....man, Pics!

Marines and the President....they are a good compliment to each other.
Link Posted: 8/30/2004 6:29:05 AM EDT
Oh yea, my younger brother met Bush when he made a surprise appearence at Camp Greentop in Maryland. This camp is VERY close to Camp David. Bro had pics of the event. Very nice!

Link Posted: 8/30/2004 6:29:46 AM EDT
You must be proud! Excellant day for your son!
Link Posted: 8/30/2004 6:45:57 AM EDT
he will be hangin with the man, hooah!

i am not going to be able to go, sucks, i am sending a vid camera

he says he wants to be like wave, drop kicking hippies
Link Posted: 8/30/2004 6:57:32 AM EDT
Hmmm, ripping up a democrat's ticket and tossing him out the door, or introducing them to the hickory on the street. I dont know which sounds more fun.

In the proud ARf tradition, I request the chance to do both. Can anyone spot me gas money to get to NYC?

Link Posted: 8/30/2004 7:03:37 AM EDT
he will be in taylor MI, today

kid may be ont he news

6:00 PM i hope i can get it recorded somehow
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