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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/16/2003 5:58:56 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/16/2003 6:36:41 PM EST by Taxman]
Well I stared working again after 6 months looking for work, I went back to the place I left to go to my other job that fired me. Life really sucks right now I do not want to be back working there it was the ony place that would hire me. I went through lots of interviews where only "minorites" were hired. SO Im back working a dead end shit job for half of what I was making, I know Im not going to advance anywhere, and since I spent over 6 months looking I dont think Im going to find any decent job soon. Would someone please kill me or something Im tired of all of this.
Link Posted: 6/16/2003 6:06:38 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/16/2003 6:07:11 PM EST by Cougar8045]
Sometimes that's life's way of telling you it's time for a career change. The world is too full of opportunities to work at something you hate.
Link Posted: 6/16/2003 6:21:34 PM EST
Originally Posted By Cougar8045: Sometimes that's life's way of telling you it's time for a career change. The world is too full of opportunities to work at something you hate.
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Well I dont really have a career, I dont think I'll ever find any more NDE work, my last company did a good job of messing up my rep. So I have no career. Im really looking for a way to end my problems and pain I got Id like to get the bastards that screwed me and make sure they live their last moments in the worst pain I can inflict and I dont care what happens to me.
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 4:36:14 AM EST
Man thats sound rough. Living well is the best way to get back at assholes who have let you down. If you dont care about yourself why should anyone else ? Keep trying to find another job, Its a whole lot easier to find a job if you already have one.
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 4:39:20 AM EST
if you want to kill yourself don't use a gun! seriously you sound like a man who needs to spend his first pay check on a b-job.
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 5:07:07 AM EST
Sorry to hear your story. But on a positive note, you may find that potential employers are more willing to offer a job to someone that is presently employed than to an unemployed person. So maybe you will get a better offer.
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 5:16:09 AM EST
I hope you are joking about about this murder suicide thing. If not, lets talk.
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 5:23:59 AM EST
Not trying to be petty, buddy I hear ya, BUT something is better than nothing. Just keep your nose to the grindstone, and keep on looking while you have something. God will provide.
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 5:27:05 AM EST
I knew guy who was fired from the place I worked at and the only work he could find was in a car wash. Five years later he owned two car washes. My youngest brother lost a job and started collecting free wooden pallets that he cut up and sold for kindling. He got to know the foreman at one of the shops he picked up pallets at. The guy aked if he would haul some other stuff away and then pick up machine parts for him. He later offered him a job cleaning up the place. Ten years later my brother is machinest at that same shop. My point is that you never know where or when an opportunity is going to present itself. My dad always said... "Luck is the point at which preparation and opportunity cross."
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 5:29:04 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/17/2003 5:38:19 AM EST by jrzy]
First let me say I'm sorry for your troubles , Ok now let me get this straight,you are feeling sorry for yourself and want to make the bastards that you feel fucked you over suffer,right? I suppose you are thinking about using a gun,right? Now if I have this straight you want to murder people you are mad at and you want to make all of the gun owners on this board and else where pay for your anger,right? The members here who have been your friend who you have confided things in, these are the people you want to hurt, snap out of this shit and I mean right fucking now ! You pick yourself up and dust yourself off and you do whatever it takes as a man to achive your goals, you go back to school ,nights if you have to, weekends if you have to to accomplish what needs doing to make you happy. Thats the bottom line , being happy with yourself and helping others. Stop this whoa is me bullshit and get started today with one positive action towards a good end result, even if it's just looking for a school or checking other parts of the country for work, do it, you owe it to the people who love you and you owe it to yourself and you owe us who have befriended you here. John PS, And if you need to talk with someone I will IM you my number.
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 2:00:22 PM EST
[b]Taxman[/b], if you are in/near the Atlanta area you should try to make it to the shoot this Sat. A bunch of the Ga gang are meeting up. I won't be able to make it(your loss), but we always have a good time. We have a good bunch of guys in our group. Shooting might lift your spirits too! Check the hometown forum and/or IM me if you have questions or need info. ByteTheBullet (-:
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 3:24:57 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 3:39:33 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/17/2003 3:47:34 PM EST by Tactus]
First real job I ever had was stacking 200 lb. concrete retaining wall "elements." I was working with prison labor. (My mom was about to lose her house after a long illness) That job was a big bad bitch and I made all of $8.35 an hour. I would have gone to great lengths to get a cushy 7-11 or McDonald's job (Later went to work for DEC) By comparison every job I've had since then has been so very nice. After reading your post, I can't help but think that you might need to "work concrete" for awhile.
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 4:02:57 PM EST
Originally Posted By BookHound: Hey, Taxman. We've been trying to get you to a shoot for months now. ByteTheBullet is right about having a bunch of good guys in our group. If you can make it, I'll supply the ammo. Now, you CAN'T beat that deal! IM me if you need to chat. Also, use the "good 'ole boy network." There are a lot of us that hang out together and we help each other through lots of shit. Pass your resume around; maybe we can help in the job search. If you don't have a resume, I'll help you make one. Seriously, dude. We care. Hope to see you soon. Mark
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Sure I quess I'll try to make it I got weekends off while Im in training, dont bother with the ammo I got around 20k rounds myself. On the other note Im in abit better mood today, Im working on getting back into my drone mode for working shit jobs I got to force myself through the next 4 weeks of training I already know, I also got to vent alot of fustration today chasing after people who owe me money, I got some of it out of them and will have more tomorrow.
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 4:09:16 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/17/2003 7:13:30 PM EST
Did you actively look for work in that six months? And If you were drawing a check ,you should check in at about 5:00 am at labor ready! Go out about three weeks at their wages,and you will appreciate anything you get! I got sent out to a Payless store in Edmond and just moved potted plant jars arround for about eight hours! Had to third party bitch just to get them to sign a payslip aggrement! I latter hire on as Apt Complex Maitenance.then use these same people to buy materials from for four years till Payless goes belly-up and the same people I worked for and bought from are looking for work! Small world Huh? Point is a man gotta do what a man gotta do! I'm gonna quit my job sometime this month,clerk in a Southside gang infested crack hoe hood! Bob [:D] Bob [:D]
Link Posted: 6/18/2003 1:37:01 AM EST
Do not stop looking. The man that stops looking has limited his future!! Dave C
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