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Posted: 4/14/2001 9:19:54 PM EST
I am writing a research paper that persuades one to believe that law enforcement officials are accountable for irresponsible actions during the line of duty. Whereas criminal charges should have been filed but never were do to the fact they were law enforcement. If anyone can think of specific events that can be used as case and point, also specific references and sites where proof is documented of such happenings. Ruby Ridge and Waco, this far are main points.
Link Posted: 4/14/2001 10:02:24 PM EST
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Do you really need any more? Pasco County Deputy Sheriff arrested for pulling women over under pretex and offering them a choice: ticket/jail or sex. Most women chose sex. Tampa Florida Detectives lie to Judge in order to get wiretap approval and then file charges against couple who claimed their daughter was kidnapped. Using wiretap they lie about whats on tape and get an indictment. Judge throws out suspect evidence and the Detectives boss says no disipline planned. "They are good cops"! Tampa Tribune St. Petersburg Times
Link Posted: 4/14/2001 10:31:16 PM EST
In the Chicago area it's an everyday occurance. You might want to search for newspapers online, like the Chicago Tribune or Sun-Times. Depending on the sophistication of the site you might be able to limit a search to just crimes committed by police. I don't remember any names, but about 6 to 7 years ago, a Chicago cop was sentenced to about 20 years for shooting and killing a homeless man who had the audacity to continue cleaning the cop's windshield after being ordered to stop. It took a couple of years and several protests before he was even charged. In the end, I believe, he was convicted of Armed Violence....not murder.
Link Posted: 4/15/2001 4:23:12 AM EST
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Waco And Ruby Ridge, who's side were you on?
Link Posted: 4/15/2001 5:29:08 AM EST
Mayor of middleton n.y. and sherrif`s deputy, fired..fined and jailed for coercing women to have sex.....just last month...was apparently using his position in this fashion for a long time..........as crookshanks says, search the "archives"....happens all the time, all over the country......[heavy]
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