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10/30/2020 2:42:12 PM
Posted: 12/26/2003 10:19:11 PM EST
Me and my friend were at his house plaing Command and conquer generals, after beating him several times we decide we need food, its abit before 10Pm nothing to cook at house, maily combos to eat.  
So we get in the car and go to see whats open to get food or something to cook.  Well all stores are closed and we were not up for the waffle house.  After going down the road and about to give up we see Churchs chicken and they are open.  This churches is not in the nice part of town, I dont think any of them are.
So we get in the 7 car drivethrough line, speaker is borked so have to order at window, people behind us could not read the sign tired yelling at it for  a few minutes got out the car tried talking to it and then left.  
The next peole behind us were 2 younger skinny black men and 1 black woman, they 2 guys are yelling at each other, get out wrestle some then get in diffrent seats.  After about 3 times of them doing this we are getting kinda pissed, then one of them gets out starts jumping on the hood of thier car and gets back in.  They yell wrestle in parking lot and stuff several more times.  (At this point Im willing to put money on the fact they are messed up on something and its not just alochol).  
Finally we get to window order our chicken and then one of them gets out comes next to passenger windows of my car, at this point my friend gets out ready to beat someones ass.  He is about 6ft does matience worka at a big apartment complex moving ACs and refridgerators, not a small guy can pick me up with 1 hand by the throat (Im about 160).  Right after that I get out in my all black outfit complete with black trenchcoat with my military style haircut, Im ready to go for 1 of my 2 pistols if I need to also had already unlocked trunk (it doesnt popup) to get trunk gun (AK in 7.62x39) if needed and I had my cold steel khurki on just incase, and Im looking pissed too.  Guy all of a sudden realizes that he messed up, woman yells get back in the car real load, he hauls ass back to the car, they stay in thier car and shut up after that.

We now get our chicken and leave, go home afte that.

That situation there was very close to becoming nasty.  Im sure that would have made a diffrent christmas eve/day.
Link Posted: 12/26/2003 10:26:44 PM EST
Was the black chick skinny?  Pics man!!
Link Posted: 12/26/2003 10:29:56 PM EST
Peaceable men, under arms, going about their business can be very intimidating to jerks.
Link Posted: 12/26/2003 10:41:50 PM EST
Originally Posted By rainman:
Was the black chick skinny?  Pics man!!
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She never got out of the car, my view was more focused on the guys out of the car who would be the more likely threat.
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