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Posted: 8/13/2005 6:49:20 AM EDT
I've made it my summer goal to take at least 10 on my children's friends of non-shooting parents to the range on a fairly regular basis. (With parents permission & participation of course) So far I have snagged 6 kids and 3 parents and more have expressed interest.
I've been planning this for years, and have been collecting bargain priced 10/22s from pawn shops & local gun dealers. The 10/22s that are neglected & rusty get new stocks and barrels from bargain bins or after market stocks & bbls . I have two that have gotten the full treatment with Corelite stocks and heavy & lightweight bull barrels & Volquartsen trigger parts.. Most of the others have sight through scope mounts and cheapie Tasco or Barska 4X or 3X9 scopes.

I know purists (including me )believe that you should start with iron sights and a bolt gun, but the scopes and semi-auto are a good way to keep them interested in the sport. The emphasis is on safety and having fun. The kids seem to enjoy the "Dirty Bird" or other day-glo targets that provide bright bullet holes for instant gratification. The Dirty Bird targets are cheaper than the day-glo stick-on ones, and the kids like to keep them to show off to friends & family.

I've been collecting the guns for a while ,I have about an average of $120 - $150 each in the ten 10/22 s in my stable. I prefer used guns to new as they usually come with usable scopes or at least mounts for less that the cost of new guns.

Other that the initial cost of the guns it costs about $10 a trip in 1000 rounds of bulk packed .22 from the sporting goods mega-chain. I don't really expect them to buy guns and shoot on a regular basis The goal and potential benefit for all of us is 10 more people that won't demonize gun owners or try to shut down ranges as nuisances. Plus I enjoy teaching as it sharpens my own skills. My young Daughters and grown son all participate and it's just good family fun.

Link Posted: 8/13/2005 6:55:30 AM EDT
Great job! I dont have any kids, but I am doing sort of the same thing with my co-workers. I have got two guys really interested in shooting, working on a few more.
I love it when they see the "evil" AR-15, but after shooting it, want to buy one!

Keep it up!

Link Posted: 8/13/2005 6:57:15 AM EDT
Cool, I'm doing the same thing with my friends, ony they are using the guns they want to. My friends are 14-16 so I think that they can use .223. Also we play tons of Video Games and a few of us are WW2 freaks. So when I take them shooting I suguest guns that they would like, an AR-15 or Garand. It works just as well. S0 far I only have 2 friends and my Girlfriend interested, but 6 of my friends are democrats, so it's hard.
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