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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/21/2005 7:17:38 PM EST
Oh man, my chicken soup skills are just kickin' tonight

Best batch chicken soup yet.

I will share the new to me techniques that have raised the flavor bar.

Even though many people already know how to do this, I didnt and I send this out to other neophytes of soup-fu.

Here are a couple nuggets of soupwisdom:

Saute your onions and garlic (I use minced garlic from a jar, good stuff) in a small amount of butter in the bottom of your stock pot to almost carmelize them and produce a wonderful and sweet flavor for your soup stock. Dont saute ALL your onions, just the ones you use in the producing of your soup stock.

Only use full size carrots that you have to peel for your soup. DONT CHEAT and use bagged mini carrots that are pre peeled, the flavor difference between the two are immense.... dont cheat yourself... take the time to peel your own carrots and chop them up. Ask me how I know

Makes a big diff in the final results

Chicken soup is so tasty and so easy to make. Makes great winter food!!

Dram(burp) out!

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