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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/10/2003 11:56:49 PM EST

I watched with amazement on Tuesday’s “No Spin Zone” as you told your listeners that you opposed a person’s right to possess a so-called assault weapon because in your words “no one needs a bazooka or a machine gun.” You further went on to say that you support a person’s Second Amendment right to defend themselves and their families. I was even more surprised to see on Wednesday’s show that you dismissed the comment about bazookas as being a joke. Basically, you stated your objection to a person’s right to own this type of weapon without giving any bona-fide reason for your position.

Bill, your show is watched by millions on a nightly basis. You have gone to great lengths to inform your TV viewers and listeners of your radio show of the influence of the TV and Radio Factor. Your stance on the American Red Cross following 9-11, the “Factor-led” boycott of the French, and Pepsi’s change in marketing have shown just how powerful your voice is. It is for this reason that a great deal of responsibility must be exercised when using that voice.

I am not going to address the specifics of the Assault Weapon ban. I earnestly hope that you were inundated with emails from responsible gun owners who have informed you of the error in your position on just what an “assault weapon” is. I would like to address your rather misinformed view of the purpose of the Second Amendment. The framers of the Constitution did not write this amendment so that people would have the right to protect themselves. The right to protect yourself and your family cannot be given or taken away by anyone. It is the guarantee of a “Free State” that was the sole purpose of the Second Amendment. In a time when most, if not all other countries on the planet were ruled by monarchs, kings, and other tyrannical forms of government, it was the Second Amendment that was the promise made by our forefathers that We, the People, would remain free.

Your reckless joke and unsubstantiated support of the Assault Weapon Ban may have influenced many of your viewers. Perhaps that is what you wanted all along knowing that most would not challenge your position. With a new book entitled, “Who’s Looking Out for You?” I guess I am going to have to look beyond your show to find the answer.


Link Posted: 12/11/2003 12:36:49 AM EST
Good work! I'll get busy on mine today.
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