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Posted: 5/23/2005 8:01:04 PM EST

Dear Senator Martinez:

I am gravely disappointed that the Republican majority in the Senate has knuckled under to the radical obstructionists of the left. I, along with most Americans, voted to create a Republican majority in the hope that its members would seize the reins and make a real effort to put this country back on the right track. It saddens me greatly that false collegiality has taken precedence over the welfare of the country and the future of our freedom.

I don't yet know how you stand on the compromise, but I hope that you will work hard and fast to undo it and to break the back of the tyrannical minority that seems to have buffaloed the Senate majority into supporting their anti-Constitutional agenda. The issues at stake are of epic importance. The majority's failure to act decisively now may well drive people who value the rule of law away from the polls, and plunge our country into another era of "progressive" socialist attacks on individual liberty. I urge you to be steadfast and single-minded in helping to populate the federal bench with honest judges. Compromise on this issue is not just inappropriate. It is plain wrong.


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Link Posted: 5/23/2005 8:04:22 PM EST
Nicely written.
Link Posted: 5/23/2005 8:06:47 PM EST

Originally Posted By SoCalJBT:
Nicely written.

... and utterly futile.
Link Posted: 5/23/2005 8:21:25 PM EST

Originally Posted By NYPatriot:

Originally Posted By SoCalJBT:
Nicely written.

... and utterly futile.


If we DO nothing.

Get on the horn.

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