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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/14/2005 7:55:50 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/5/2005 5:23:05 AM EDT by Buzz70]

My 6yo son has played soccer now for 3 years and loves the game.
I'm somewhat concerned with his physical ability. He tends to run
out of energy quicker than the rest of the kids on his team. I've
started to have him jog a little bit to build up endurance, however
I'm not sure it's the best thing in the world for a 6yo. Anyone have
advice or tips tips for children? Also is there a way to build up
his speed?
Link Posted: 9/14/2005 12:16:52 PM EDT
Endurance and speed is mostly genetic. If he is slow and lacks endurance by the first grade he will likely never be a good athlete. The only thing you can help him with is good diet and learning to not run at 100% creating too great of a lactate debt.
Link Posted: 9/14/2005 11:19:16 PM EDT
Teaching him to eat right would be a good start. But dont stop working with him. teach him to run and make up for in training what to others come naturally. And most of all teach him never to quit.
Link Posted: 9/27/2005 3:54:13 PM EDT
Have your son run sprints. Take him to a hill or a stadium and have him run sprints with you up the stands or hill. Mix it in with some pushups. Make it a game so he doesn't lose interest.
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 8:02:58 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Slotback:
Have your son run sprints. Take him to a hill or a stadium and have him run sprints with you up the stands or hill. Mix it in with some pushups. Make it a game so he doesn't lose interest.

I'll try that. I bought a stop watch too. Hopefully it will be fun trying to beat his best times.
Link Posted: 9/29/2005 8:40:55 AM EDT
as others mentioned just keep working with him...dont give him any pressure and make it very fun for him. Give him realsitic goals and when he meets them give him tons of praise....
Link Posted: 9/29/2005 8:48:01 AM EDT
I wouldn't give up on him as it seems to be eluded in an above post. Can you give me more info on your boy?

Is he healthy? Is he at an ideal weight? What is his normal daily activities? Does he want to do better or is he there just for Dad?

Link Posted: 9/29/2005 8:51:47 AM EDT
I wish my parents would have pushed me more when I was younger. If not for sports then for girls
Link Posted: 9/29/2005 8:58:17 AM EDT
Any chance his asthmatic (or borderline?) our 4 y.o. was having the same issues between 3-4....we used Albuturol (sp?nazis?) in a Nebulizer (sp?nazis?) for a few months and when he was having his spells (gets winded). He has not been diagnosed w/ asthma but we are convinced the Albuturol helped. He used to get winded really quick (after high activity: running etc). Good Luck
Link Posted: 9/29/2005 8:58:20 AM EDT
yep, make it a game. Run with him and try to challege him to beat ya. Of course ya gotta run slow for him to keep up. Perhaps making a run, grab the flag/ object and run some more game? Also getting out and playing soccer with him will help too.
Link Posted: 10/3/2005 7:56:35 PM EDT
sprints=speed and power, long distance =endurance.

long distance (well 3 miles in uniform) followed by a series of wind sprints = the sadistic JV football coach I had. We were one well conditioned team - 2 practices a day.
Link Posted: 10/5/2005 5:22:41 AM EDT
Thanks for all who replied. Turns out my son was just sandbagging.
He can run pretty fast and for a long time when not playing soccer.
I had a talk with him and he told me he didn't like playing in the soccer
games because he didn't know the kids on the other team and he
has seen kids get hurt and he doesn't want to get hurt. Sooooo...
he is basically scared in the games and runs slower so he's not too
close to the action. I've changed my whole outlook to his position now.
I let him know that I don't care if he even touches the ball and just to go
out and have fun. I told him a lot of other things too, but I don't want to
bore everyone. Anyway the last game he had he played more aggressive than
ever before and dad here kept his mouth shut on the sideline. He played
so hard he had to set out some of the game with a cramp from running so much, lol.
Anyway, afterwards I told him I was very proud and was glad he had fun.
Looking at it after the fact I think I was to blame for pushing him to play
harder. I felt like a jerk for doing that to him. I've changed my attitude and
he has changed his. So thanks for the advise and we do play running games
together and it works. Appreciat everyone who replied!!!
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