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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/13/2002 5:02:55 PM EST
So I'm at the range today and some dude comes up to me, here's what I had to listen to. "You know that M16 is OK for a [i]range[/i] gun but in the field they jam and just are not reliable,like (his) AK-47." All I can say is I was getting the urge to cave this guy's face in with the butt of my POS M16......[:(!]
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 5:04:09 PM EST
Yes, yes, yes. You should have reminded him that the AR/M can at least hit what it is being aimed at.
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 5:07:58 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 5:08:34 PM EST
Yea, I guess I must have been "lucky" today since my rifle didn't jam all day long. [;D]
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 5:11:13 PM EST
I know he knows everything and it would be hard to educate him. Just ask him to name a battle where the US has been outgunned because they were using M-16 and the bad guys were using AKs. The M-16 is a very good modular weapons system. The AK is a good bush gun.
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 5:17:51 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 5:17:58 PM EST
Originally Posted By Shadowblade: I would have challenged him to a duel. Range: 300 yards One shot, winner takes all.
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Link Posted: 4/13/2002 5:22:17 PM EST
Originally Posted By VA-gunnut: What range was this at? This way I can avoid the place [;)].
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Izaak Walton - Arlington/Fairfax Chapter. Its a good group of shooters there, but there's always one BONEHEAD in every group....
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 5:24:43 PM EST
Originally Posted By Shadowblade: I would have challenged him to a duel. Range: 300 yards One shot, winner takes all.
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Good idea, let see I was using a 3-9x Leupold and he had irons [rolleyes]
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 5:34:57 PM EST
Or; "The AR is a precision instrument that was made with highly trained and motivated users in mind. The AK was mass produced for [b]uneducated[/b] conscripts." [}:D] Note the emphasis on uneducated. [:D]
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 5:37:09 PM EST
You should have caved in his face till the point it looks [strike]more[/strike] like a pile of shit.
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 5:55:17 PM EST
Make it more interesting. Both guys with 7 loaded mags (6 in pouches, 1 in hand). Run down to the 300 yard backing and put up one target. Run back and fire one shot. Continue until the first man get's a center mass hit. First one with the it wins. Let's see how he likes his steel mags with the 7.62x39 round then. I bet he gives up after his second jog down to the target.
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 5:59:36 PM EST
ECS. Where is this range ? I have been in NOVA for two years looking for an outdoor range. I am unfamilar with Isaac Walton. Email me a steelweasel@hotmail.com. I would like yo join this range if possible.
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 6:05:04 PM EST
I had just the opposite the other week. Was down shooting my MAK-90 when the guy next to me spouts off to his wife/girlfriend about how it's "the weapon of our enemy" and such (sometimes electronic hearing protectors aren't nice!) Anyway, I'm no William Tell, but I was doing a much better job of hitting my targets than he was (plinking at cans, and yes, he started shooting at a few of my cans as well). Can't rip on him too much, as he left behind a ton of once-fired 12ga. shotgun hulls (yes, his accuracy was a bit better with the Mossberg).
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 6:36:02 PM EST
Mr. Know-it-all? I hate that guy. [:(]
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 6:48:55 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/13/2002 6:51:44 PM EST by rocket]
I'm a member of that chapter. And there are a few guys there that are know-it-alls. There's this one guy that was harping about how I paid too much for my PSS and that his Savage was as good for much less money blah blah. He may have been right..who cares... but I never asked his opinion. I watched the guy during the course of the few hours I was there and he shot his mouth off way more than he shot his ultra accurate Savage. I enjoy going there. Everyone there has been a pleasure to meet ...even Mr. Know-it-all.
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 6:58:11 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/13/2002 7:01:02 PM EST by pogo]
I heard the same BS from an old coot at a BLACK POWDER match, who saw me practicing with my AR. "So you gave in to the dark side?" Shoulda known what was coming. "Yeah, the plastic on my issue M-16 in vietnam was stamped "Mattel."" "We had to clean ours every TWO ROUNDS (my ears were clean) during quals to prevent jamming." More drivel about how unreliable they ARE. Didn't want to rip in to him, as Black Powder match shooters are close cousins to the highpower crowd. At least they are not like the heathen scattergunners. A funny postcript: One of these guys was in the range office describing the improvements he was making to his next smokepole - faster rate of fire, better ergonomics (most assuredly not his word), etc. I told him there was not a big difference between him and the AR crowd. Heard a couple coughs and gasps before I was told there was a world of difference!
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 7:11:28 PM EST
I was shooting at a local range and some weird long haired dork in tie-dye showed up with an SKS, a 10-22 and a .357 revolver (that wasn't you was it Imbrog?). So me and another guy were shooting our guns next to him and started up a conversation (our first mistake). Somehow the conversation turned towards the 7.62X39 and the 5.56 (of course). Anyway he was rather offended by our talk of accuracy and got pissed and started talking about how he was "busting" watermelons at 1000 yards all day long with the super accurate hot loaded east german manufactured ammo and his SKS. It was so pathetic that I didn't even feel the need to make fun of him.
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 7:16:36 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/14/2002 5:01:19 AM EST by Code39]
Uhmmm. Let's see. Would you like to shoot 9mm .40 perhaps .45 ACP? Nahh, I've got way too much .223 from Y2K [img]http://pages.prodigy.net/labradorx3/public_html/class3.JPG[/img]
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 7:19:20 PM EST
Wow. Hey Code39, would you be my friend?
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 7:22:29 PM EST
Originally Posted By seamusmcoi: I was shooting at a local range and some weird long haired dork in tie-dye showed up with an SKS, a 10-22 and a .357 revolver (that wasn't you was it Imbrog?).
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I have nothing but gas.
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 7:23:28 PM EST
Ah, PA. Clas three and Amish Apple pie, how could you go wrong?
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 7:29:02 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/13/2002 7:29:48 PM EST by kpel308]
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 7:55:01 PM EST
Originally Posted By kpel308: Okay. I'll be the Designated Asshole: I consider the AK series to be more reliable, in general, than the M16/AR15 series. I consider the M16/AR15 series to be more accurate, in general, than the AK series. There are particular examples of each series that can better the general population of the other series. I have learned to employ and enjoy BOTH. 'Nuff Said.
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Dude, I'd like to see you say that to my face.
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 8:06:44 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 8:08:34 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/13/2002 8:11:35 PM EST by kpel308]
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 8:33:57 PM EST
I would not want to be shot or shot at with either. I regard both as battle-field masterpieces. In the right hands, either would be deadly. The M1 Garand and M14 are better as far as accuracy and ballistics. But who would want to lug around all that weight. And the recoil would be a bear to deal with all day long.
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 8:37:00 PM EST
Meeting "Mr. Know It All" is still better than running into "Mr. Ya Can't Hunt With That" It's this asshole who is F*cking it up for us all
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 8:41:50 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/13/2002 9:02:13 PM EST
Mr. Know it all was at the range today
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Sorry, you are mistaken, I was shopping all day...[:p]
Link Posted: 4/14/2002 4:44:20 AM EST
Originally Posted By kpel308: Sure. I don't know why I wouldn't. I normally don't say things I don't mean, and I don't believe that I've disrespected you or your choice of weapon in any way. I have used AKs and AR/M16's, and I love them both, for their particular traits. By the way, come on over to Zeny and me after the Mid MO Shoot. I'll be the guy with the San Miguel and lumpia. I'd be more than happy to say it to your face, and hand you a beer. After all, I did not lie or disparage anyone.
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kpel308, no offense it was meant to be funny. I swear I'm going to have to learn how to convey sarcasm on this board a little better. The things I say are too often taken seriously. Anyway, I'd be happy to have a beer with you after the shoot. [:)] See ya there.
Link Posted: 4/14/2002 5:10:16 AM EST
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