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Posted: 10/16/2001 10:22:00 AM EST
We're going to be moving from Wylie, Texas to Olympia, WA. (God willing and the creek, don't rise!) I know there is a wealth of experience on these boards on numerous topics, so my question is this: for communication from a moving (as in Ryder/U-haul) truck to a care within 1 mile, what is the better choice for radio communication: the classic CB or the newer, smaller FRS? Also, do they make FRS radios with with DC power for car cigarette lighters? Thanks in advance for all the help.
Link Posted: 10/16/2001 10:46:40 AM EST
FRS works well. I have used they numerous times for the same type of thing. Either one will work. You will spend about $80 for the FRS or a similar amount for a low end set of CB's. The CB's will need antenna as well though. I would go with the FRS & then use them for hunting & the like.
Link Posted: 10/16/2001 11:10:26 AM EST
Best Best, get HAM licenses for occupants of both vehicles and use HAM gear. Second Best, GMRS w/ licenses. This doesn't require testing just paperwork and a small fee. Third Best, CB. Getting slim pickings from here on down. Fourth Best, FRS.
Link Posted: 10/16/2001 11:30:24 AM EST
Ah, commo. One of my favorite subjects. The FRS should work OK for you for ranges less than 1 mile on the interstate. However, there is no provision for an external antenna (cannot increase range). A CB will get you 5 miles max, and a lot of cussing from truckers. I don't do CB (I'm a HAM). AND, what will you do with the equipment later? FRS is a lot more portable than CB. We also use FRS on the farm - my inlaws live 1/4 mile away and I can talk house-to-house (or house-to-barn) with these. Check your local pawn shop - they probably have some used FRS radios. Some may even have a jack for external power. Get a lighter plug adaptor (make sure it is correct voltage and polarity or radio will burn!). Blackie
Link Posted: 10/16/2001 11:38:44 AM EST
In the hunting club we use marine VHF radios. Most guys use the ones that mount in your vehicle. I prefer a Handheld. I got my handheld for about $100. They transmit at 1 and also 5 watts. Reach out a long ways. Just my .02
Link Posted: 10/16/2001 12:05:04 PM EST
I'd say it really depends. [:D] UHF (FRS, GMRS) seems to work better in the city, while HF (CB) seems to work better in clear, flat areas, but has /potential/ for fairly-long range with good atmospheric conditions. Personally, I'd pick FRS, the equipment is smaller, it's FM, sometimes cheaper, and the range is decent. And yes, there are FRS rigs with power sockets for use with home or car adaptors, just make sure the one you buy has the capability. The best option would be ham or GMRS, but both require licenses to operate legally, and can be rather expensive (~$150-$500+ per radio). AR
Link Posted: 10/16/2001 12:17:21 PM EST
I like FRS for road trips to talk between cars. The sound is good with no static (thanks to FM). You'll occainionally hear someone else on the same channel, but that in infrequent. Range is reasonable at 1-1.5 miles. I've seen packs of two radios selling for about $40 lately. Batteries last for a day or two as long as I don't talk constantly. CB radios tend to have a lot of traffic that annoys me after a while. Static is also an issue (AM) so I find myself adjusting the squelch frequently. I also usually carry a CB handheld for listening/talking to truckers when I need traffic info, but I don't use the CB nearly as much as FRS.
Link Posted: 10/16/2001 12:30:24 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/16/2001 12:42:42 PM EST
Thanks guys. I new y'all were good for something! [:D]
Link Posted: 10/16/2001 1:24:47 PM EST
Sorry I'm late!! Hey call me cheap but you can put the major questions IE; Need Gas, Bathroom, ect. on paper plates then you can just pull up along side and flash your plate. Low tech and will not break. -David
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