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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/17/2005 1:39:07 PM EDT

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Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2005 12:14 pm Post subject: AN OPEN LETTER TO PEOPLE WHO WISH TO MOVE BACK TO NOLA


Dear Moron,
You have got to be a very stupid individual to want to move back to the world's ultimate hellhole, New Orleans. New Orleans was a hellhole of unbelivably hot weather, where health was worse than famine-strickened Africa, a place where political corruption was celebrated, where crooked cops were honored with medals, where being rich (outside of the blue-blood snobs) was punished, and where casino gambling was foolishly looked upon as the city's best source of revenue. To believe that New Orleans will ever be more than the cesspool of humanity is a view that can only be held by very narrow-minded inviduals who love New Orleans so much that they can't see the truth.

For white people who want to move back to New Orleans, you are even more stupid than most who want to move back to New Orleans. Ever since one of America's most despicable human beings, Mark Essex started his incredible shooting spree (a terrorist attack not seen in this country again until 9/11) against white people the morning of January 7, 1973, the city of New Orleans has given in to every demand of the poor black community and has ignored the white people of New Orleans for over three decades. And for those middle-class and upper-class blacks, the city of New Orleans has also turned its back on you. Ever since the late Dutch Morial, the city of NOLA has kowtowed to the welfare queens and slum dwellers. Even when a respectable businessman like C. Ray Nagin takes over the mayor's office, his efforts are sabotaged by the cronies of the Morial family behind the scenes. White people and well-off black people who have any desire to move back to New Orleans or the surrounding areas should be prepared to suffer in every way possible.

Face it--you will die very soon in New Orleans. The three ways in which you could die are: 1. another major hurricane plowing over New Orleans; 2. obesity or 3. being murdered. Which is worse? Well, they all have their own horror. We all know about the hurricane, so let's go through the other methods.

You know that New Orleans is the most obese city in the world. Only in New Orleans is obesity celebrated as a status symbol. Never before in my life have I ever seen a city where fried food and food that is so unhealthy is celebrated. I can't believe that all of you idiots want to go into these grease pits and eat that crap. That stuff is so bad for you that most of you should be dead by now. Where else can you eat fried dough other than New Orleans? I mean come on! It is disgusting! Wake up!

Now you all know that New Orleans is the murder capital of the world. Why live here? Why?

I would like for nothing more than for New Orleans to be totally abandoned, because nobody should live in such squalor, except the welfare queens and the looters who have no regard for the rule of law. It just sickens me so much that respectable law-abiding citizens want to live in a hellhole like New Orleans. I hope you all realize you will be miserable people in a miserable city if you choose to return. You deserve nothing more than to suffer in that squalid cesspool that you love so much.
New Orleans is doomed. Deal with it.

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Poster makes a lot of good and true points
Link Posted: 9/17/2005 1:47:41 PM EDT
BTW--I'm surprized our country doesn't remember Mark Essex:

He was a black terrorist sniper who killed around 28+ and wounded lots more-ONLY WHITES

He was holed up in the Howard Johnsons 333 Loyola
He let the black maids escape while telling them he was only killing whites
He Set fires and killed firemen, cops and people at city hall across the street--of course that was before city hall was all black as it is today.

As a matter of fact today he could not find any whites at city hall, police and fire
Link Posted: 9/17/2005 1:48:24 PM EDT
Forgot to add: He was a great shot
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