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Posted: 6/6/2008 3:51:56 PM EST
Mystery surrounds death of Plano steroids dealer -

02:03 AM CDT on Friday, June 6, 2008

PLANO — Convicted steroids dealer David Jacobs and ex-girlfriend Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell were found dead in Jacobs' home Thursday morning, Plano police said. Both had been shot.

The bodies were found by police in Jacobs' home in the 6800 block of Honey Creek Lane following a frantic phone call just after midnight from Earhart-Savell's parents, who were concerned about her welfare.

While police would not speculate on who was responsible for the deaths, it was confirmed that Jacobs had one gunshot wound to the stomach and one to the head.

A neighbor, Yehara Gashaw, said he and his wife heard gunshots Tuesday.

"I cannot express, myself, how I was really sad and I didn't expect him to die this way," he said.

Undercover narcotics officers wearing black ski masks and sunglasses were seen removing evidence from the home.

Jacobs, 35, had been accused of selling anabolic steroids to many NFL football players and reportedly named names with the league's security officials last month. He was a high-profile personal trainer who claimed he offered guidance to members of the Dallas Cowboys and the Atlanta Falcons.

In 2005, Jacobs said he began a steroids network, which was described as one of the largest in the country.

In 2007, investigators from the FDA's Operation Raw Deal shut down the network. In November 2007, Jacobs pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute anabolic steroids. Last month, he was sentenced to probation for three years.

On May 21, Jacob met with NFL security officials and shared details about steroid use in the NFL and named his alleged clients.

"I paid a heavy price for it," Jacobs' said of his choices in an interview with News 8 in April. "I'm going to pay a heavy price for it everyday."

Jacobs told authorities that former Dallas Cowboy Matt Lehr allegedly helped him distribute steroids, which Lehr strongly denied.

He also accused officers in five cities of using steroids. Jacobs said several Plano police officers stole money and steroids from his home during a raid.

"We as people have given them a set of authority to uphold the laws, but they are breaking them in front of our faces," he said.

Jacobs said life wasn't easy after he decided to work with authorities to expose steroid abuse in the NFL and police department.

"People know where I live," he said. "I've already had death threats."

According to her MySpace profile, Earhart-Savell, 30, was an International Federation of Body Building and Fitness professional and a fitness model.

Jacobs and Earhart-Savell were once engaged. They had broken up several times over the years.

In his last interview with News 8, Jacobs said he had a message for people using steroids.

"My message to everyone out there who's involved in this, stop," he said. "It's not worth it."




Steroids were really big when I was in HS 6 yrs ago, along with every other illegal drug. Plano is where all the suburban kids overdosed and died on black tar heroin and where Mark Tuinei, the Cowboys lineman overdosed and died on cocaine. (He lived in the same neighborhood as Deon Sanders and Troy Aikman). There have also been some high profile HS kids that comitted suicide in relation to steroid and drug abuse problems. 3 kids from my class are already six feet under for drug OD.

I am not surprised to find out that the Mgmt of the steroid empire was run from Plano. Several other high profile drug dealers such as this have been located and busted in the Plano/Dallas area. The local gyms such as Larry North (went under), Ballys etc were steroid factories. Trainers up there would make a killing selling vials. Im also not surprised by the Dallas Cowboys Connection to the whole deal. The steroid epidemic is out of control in Texas HS sports. Im assuming it is just as bad elsewhere in the heavy urban centers and more populated states.

COWBOYS are still my team though. Lombardi will be coming back down south for a long vacation soon.
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