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Posted: 3/16/2002 8:45:41 PM EDT
OK I like Robert DeNiro even if he's a commie. So off with the Mrs. to see "Showtime," his new movie with Eddie Murphy. Now why he's even doing this kind of movie is beyond me (and there was even a thread on that topic a couple of weeks ago). But anyway, to start the bitching: The movie is about the quest to get this "gun," which is some typical Hollywood thing, it is a giant evil looking assault thingamabob that fires "12 gauge depleted uranium armor piercing incendiaries" and whatnot. In the movie it knocked down a house and blew up a car or two. The guy with the gun is secondary, this evil gun is some giant threat "we need to get off the streets." Well somewhere during the story, which is set in L.A., our heroes go to a gun shop seeking information. Behind the counter is a long-haired Rambo wannabe with camo clothes and a bandanna on his head. And clearly behind him in the rifle rack are a half-dozen AR15s. So, gun shop owners are nuts, and they are pitching evil assault weapons in spite of the wise Kali legislation's best intents. Later, our heroes go to a gun show. Same cast o' characters of Rambo types, and they are looking at some particularly evil hardware. One guy is playing with an AR with an M203 strapped on, and bunches of other really evil stuff is present. So, gun show patrons are nuts, and evil assault weapons are available today right there in downtown L.A. at the evil gun show, again in spite of the wise Kali legislation's best intents. Am I surprised at being smacked in the face with yet more Hollywood BS? No. Still a bit nauseated though . . . Also Renee Russo was in it, I can't stand her ever since I saw her weeping at Rosie's recent "courage" in coming out. [puke]
Link Posted: 3/16/2002 9:09:03 PM EDT
So what are you trying to say? I shouldn't waste the bucks on it?
Link Posted: 3/16/2002 9:17:51 PM EDT
Just put it down as general bitching. The movie was mildly entertaining but not particularly and the BS didn't help. Kinda wish I had my money and my two hours back again . . .
Link Posted: 3/17/2002 4:03:03 AM EDT
If you believe what Hollywood promotes, every gunstore owner is a long-haired Rambo wannabe with camo clothes and a bandanna on his head AND has a hidden closet in the back where he keeps the "good stuff".
Link Posted: 3/17/2002 6:00:23 AM EDT
Thanks for the heads-up, Chairborne_Ranger. I'll skip "Showtime" and go see "We Were Soldiers" again.
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