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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/19/2006 9:11:26 PM EST
Today I was working a promotions gig, don't want to ruin anyone's reputation so I'm not going to say anything about who/where/what...

The guy that hired me hands me off to his superior, who appears to be The Man on this particular day. He's managing about a dozen people and kind of handling security for a pretty major celebrity. The celebrity has his own security but he's responsible for keeping the general area clean of human clutter so they can do their jobs.

Since I was referred to this job by a friend, I had the attitude that I was going to tear this job up with my teeth and hands and impress the hell out of everyone with what a kick-ass worker I am, and make sure that my friend hears that everything went great and all that stuff. So I had my Type A shirt on today.

Boss cuts his finger about half an hour into the gig, and continues to handle things that people are going to put in their mouths. I can tell you for sure that he would have handled at least three thousand things that would have gone into three thousand mouths. I walked up to him and identified myself as an EMT and showed him my card, and told him his food-handling ticket is punched for the day. No way you drip blood on something that is going into the public's mouths. Hang on for fifteen minutes, there has to be a medical detail on duty, I will get you a glove and you can go back to work. No, he says, I'm gonna keep going. No you're not, you're done. Hang on, lemme get you some latex and then you won't potentially poison several thousand people.

Not one minute later I cut my own finger the exact same way he did, I've got blood all over my hand, I tell him I'm heading to the paramedics to get cleaned up and everything, please don't handle the food, I will bring you something safe to use.

Twenty minutes later, I have a pocket full of gloves, we strap down with our BSI and get to work again. I can tell his ass is a little chapped 'cause he's the boss and I stood him down for a couple minutes. So I go up to him later and say Hey, I'm sorry I got in your face, you're the boss, it just kind of came out of me spontaneously, I don't know what to say really, but are you OK with me?

He basically said that he didn't like it but I was right, and that I did all the right things, he was glad to have me on board today. Also, I outworked everybody on the job that day and he would make sure that everybody knew who I was and that my phone would probably be ringing a lot for these gigs.

So that was my Sunday afternoon. How was yours?
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