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Posted: 5/7/2001 5:36:32 PM EDT
After spending more time than I care to admit trying to get an upper from M1S to work, in a fit of rage I went to the local gun show and bought an AK. Romanian WUM in 7.62 Once I cleaned off all the cosmoline and got all the metal filings out we went to the range. To say the least this seems to be a best buy. 2.5 in groups, no trigger slap, breaks clean and it works EVERY TIME and at $69 per K for ammo, $6 for mags...I LIKE IT!!!!! The Armalite boys were at the show, their new AR 180 looks like it will kick serious butt. It uses AR 15 mags has a composite lower you could probably drive nails with and will RETAIL at "around $600". I love the 15 and I will build another with Quality Parts this time. Pass the word M1S stinks!
Link Posted: 5/7/2001 5:46:31 PM EDT
What problems did you have? I also bought a model 1 upper and have it on a DPMS lower. Shot 500 rounds through it sunday. I did have small problems with trigger, but a file took care of the small imperfections. Just courious as to your problems. Dreams of ARs [sleep]
Link Posted: 5/7/2001 7:24:58 PM EDT
Alex, You know I'm tired of you bashing Model 1 Sales. You have posted at least three different topics on this and most everyone comes to the same conclusion; YOU didn't read the add very well and thought you could get a 1:9 twist chrome lined barrel even though it clearly states in the add, 1:7 twist Chrome lined OR 1:9 HBAR. Ya, I know that when you called the lady said it was possible, but that was some secretary who probably didn't understand what the heck you were asking. Order something that's not on the menu and you deserve to get it messed up. Give it a rest. Plenty of us have had wonderful experiences with Model 1 Sales and have the rifles to prove it. guns762
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