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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/15/2001 1:08:27 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/15/2001 1:09:53 PM EST by madkiwi]
I am deeply disturbed by the rush to declare war on terrorism. It is as asinine as the "war on drugs" or the "war on guns" or even the "war on cancer". Terrorism is a tool, like a gun, knife or screwdriver. Banning (controlling) guns, knives or screwdrivers is as pointless and flawed as most liberal/socialist brain functions. I am sure most here will agree on that. Unfortunately this entire country (which I love, it's the government I fear) is rallying around this call to declare war on terrorism without understanding what they might be getting. The state/media led calls to ban tools does nothing to address the causes of terrorism/crime, or even the actions themselves! The tactics have been so effective already that gun owning patriots are "subversive" and "kooks" instead of being recognized for what they are (freedom loving believers in the Constitution or "citizens"). The NRA, an organization dedicated to firearm safety is mocked by the statists as being a "tool of the gun lobby". That's true- I am one of the "gun lobby". But the media highlights it as an evil, bad thing. When the NRA offers free firearm safety material for schools in the fight against gun-violence (logical, they know what they are talking about) they are denounced as passing out pro-gun propaganda! Well, the pot calling the kettle black! The government/media effort to convince the American people that the tools are the problem has been so successful that we now have millions of people not able to differentiate between cause and effect. Millions are convinced that guns are the cause of violence, when in fact the gun is but a tool. The sheep are easily led, they just want something to be done. Now we are clamoring for the feds to do something about terror. HELLO!! Terror is a feeling, terrorism is exploiting the feeling. It works as long as you let it. Confusing terror with an enemy is bizzare, but if you have been watching the politics of this country for any period you would understand that it is not surprising. If the government now has the justification to throttle the few remaining freedoms that we have, what will remain is not going to be the United States of America. What makes this country great, rich and powerful is not government control. It is freedom, property rights and self-determination. Take those things away, and the terrorists will have won. The US will be no more. In no country has the government been able to run the economy or human nature the way it wants without running it into the ground. And killing its own citizens in the process. I fear for my freedom. I am most fearful of the actions of those polititians who were most vocal in demanding infringements on the freedoms of sovereign citizens (Schumer, Daschle, Kennedy, Boxer, Clinton, Gephardt) now vigorously calling for action. Their ideas have probably not changed, so those "actions" are going to be used against liberty and individualism. Sorry for the rambling, I am scared, and not because of terrorism. " 'Necessity' is the plea for every infringement of human liberty; it is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves."--William Pitt Edited because of typos
Link Posted: 9/15/2001 7:10:17 PM EST
'Fraid to differ with you sir, but "terror" is the [u]result[/u] of illegal actions (terrorism). Actions which should be punished just like those individuals (criminals) who use guns illegally. We punish our criminals here in the US, and PUNISH those countries who behave criminally. I too am [b]very[/b] concerned about my rights being taken away because of "necessity," but we still must punish those who commit illegal actions against our country. How do you propose we put a stop, once and for all, to this terrorism BS?
Link Posted: 9/15/2001 7:30:17 PM EST
... I'm scared too, but what concerns me is that for any entity to successfully defeat terrorism you need to be vigilant [b]100%[/b] of the time. To successfully inflict terror on any entity you only need to be successful [b]ONCE[/b]!
Link Posted: 9/15/2001 8:18:57 PM EST
I think the more terrorism we undergo, the more liberties will be asked to forfeit. It is better to get it over with as soon as possible. What bothers me and causes me to be a little reserved is we will always stop before the job is finished. It seems like we always do that. It's like the powers that be want a bad guy around to keep us looking the other way. If it's anything less than hunt down and kill every goddamn one of them, than it's a waste of American blood,lives and resources. If they stop the job before they finish, someone's ass should be made to pay. Do it, but do it right.
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