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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/27/2002 4:18:58 PM EST
Since there are a bunch of military type folks on here, and it never hurts to ask, I figured I'd post this. First some background. In between my junior and senior (Class of 2000) years of high school I sent in my application to the Naval Academy. I got my nomination, and all that stuff, and felt I had an excellent chance (my high school was rated #8 in the US that year) of getting in. I also had to apply for an eye waiver, since my eye sight is rather poor (completly correctable though, I'm told I'm good for eye surgery in two years or so). So, April rolls around and I get a rejection letter from Navy. I put a fist into my cabinet (It was a boarding school, so I didn't feel that bad about breaking something), and then picked up the phone and called my Admissions counciler to ask him what I can do. He looked up my folder and said that I needed to join some more clubs, do some volunteer work, and keep my grades up. He also said (and this is important) that my eye waiver had been rejected [i]because[/i] I had been rejected overall. He told me to reapply. My freshman year at the Rochester Institute of Technology I go through it all again. This time instead of double checking everything, I triple check it. This time (and this is also important) the Navy thinks enough of me to invite my to Annapolis for the weekend. I go, and love the place. April rolls around and I get told that I was rejected because my eye sight is over the limit they allow. Oh yeah, and by the way, I can never serve in the military. This is of course after I go and tour the goddamn place. So I spend the time from then till a couple months ago writing letters to various folks, calling people, pulling up regulations, combing through press releases etc. I end up discovering that [i]if[/i] I was in the military, they would pay for my eye surgery, and I see on CNN some Air Force RIO with vision worse than mine getting PRK done (All the medical regs are the same for all branches). Basically I can't think of anything else I can do, and thought I'd ask you folks if anybody could think of anything else I could try.
Link Posted: 3/27/2002 4:30:20 PM EST
What is your vision correctable to with glasses? If I remember correctly, it must be correctable to 20/30 with lenses in order to enlist. Also, did you pass the color dot tests? As for the service paying for corrective eye surgery, if your vision degrades while in, of course your care would be covered by Tricare (is it still Tricare?). Its health insurance just like everybody else here has... I would say that if you want to join, go see a recruiter and tell him so. [b]IF[/b] there is any way for you to get in, you can rest assured that he will bend, twist, stroke and stretch every reg to get you enlisted. I know people that were medically disqualified from service. I know it sucks for you. Just keep your resolve and don't give up. BTW, you might want to try the National Guard first. They may have more relaxed regs and more waivers available to get you in. After you've served for a short while, going active might be easier... Just a thought!
Link Posted: 3/27/2002 4:41:55 PM EST
Hmmm, Well, I'm not a recruiter, but I know the following is going on at an Army post near you... Lasik clinics are popping up on posts everywhere. Priority goes to trigger-pullers, then support types, then AGR types, then reservists and guardsmen. Apparently, they're busy all day, every day. FMJunkie's right, though - you have to have vision correctable to a certain level before anyone will consider you. Additionally, do you suffer from severe refraction, or astigmatism? As far as relaxed standards, though, forget about it - everyone goes through the same place...a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). Most veterans remember this place well...right guys?
Link Posted: 3/27/2002 6:19:03 PM EST
Originally Posted By AndyTN: Hmmm, FMJunkie's right, though - you have to have vision correctable to a certain level before anyone will consider you. Additionally, do you suffer from severe refraction, or astigmatism?
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My vision is correctable to 20/20. I don't have any other eye problems except basic nearsightedness. I visited my local Navy recruiter in August.
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