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Posted: 9/14/2001 4:13:44 AM EDT
I have heard many, including GB, state that not all Muslims should be categorized under a single group. However, it is the religion of Islam that has created this terror--this fact cannot be ignored. Some may argue that it is a radical form of Islam and that most Muslims are good people. However, I will offer a challenge to Islam. I would like to see just one respected Cleric publicly state that suicide bombers will all go to Hell. You won't hear this. You will here Muslim leaders condemning what has happened, but you won't hear them say that terrorism is a mortal sin and that the perpetrator will go to hell. This leads me to believe that some Muslims are hiding behind the very freedoms the terrorists are attacking. We can continue to die at the hands of these maniacs or we can stop them. When the decision is made to stop them, we have created an enemy. This enemy will have a name. That name may offend some in their own community. I am sorry for that. However, these bombers are a product of a certain group which, I admit, is not all bad. However, because of the direct connection with this group, those among it must realize that they may also suffer--just as the victims and families of the NY bombings will suffer. This suffering, however, will be a small price to pay if they are truly patriots. There is no way we can fight a war and lose American lives, which has already occurred, and not hurt the feelings of a certain racial group. I argue that the feelings of this group are secondary to the security needs of the United States. Imagine if the term Nazi or Japs was considered a recial slur during WW-II. These times are no different. So, do we all begin attacking every Muslim in the world? Obviously the answer is no. However, should we coddle them and fear hurting their feelings? The answer is also no. To do otherwise would tie the hands of the avenger. And that, my friends, is exactly what they want. They want to make us feel guilty for being angry so that our will and response is weakened. Don't become a racist. However, don't lose your anger either. There will be a lot of people who will be hurt in the war against Islamic Militants. A lot of them will be Arabs and a lot of them will be Americans. As we have already seen, innocent people on both sides will die. This, however, is the price we pay for freedom. The same freedom that protects the enemy among us from the pin prick of racial slurs while they plot the killing of our brothers and sisters. God bless America. God bless lawful and patriotic Arab Americans. To hell with Militant Islam. Vasili
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