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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/12/2002 9:28:15 AM EST
[url]http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=4388[/url] Mr Fucka unlikely to get Microsoft Passport Hancock's Half Hour By The Spinola Twins: Friday 12 July 2002, 08:02 A REPORT ON THE MICROSOFT NETWORK (TMN) says that Gregor Fucka, an Italian basketball player, wants to sign up with the Indiana Pacers. And the Indiana Pacers may welcome Fucka with open arms, but will Microsoft itself, we wonder? We suspect not. Here's the Fucka story on MSN. As we reported here, people called Hancock are barred from having a Microsoft Messenger Passport because their last name is too rude. Other banned words include "remember", which contains "member"; "engineer", which contains "gin"; "executive" which contains "ecu", and "Scunthorpe" which we won't elaborate on. If Hancocks and Longbottoms get banned from MSN Messenger, how much more so people who are called Fucka, even though the name seems perfectly innocuous to us here at the INQUIRER. Lexmark is also notorious for picking up words its thought police think a bit rude, including "crap" and "pussy". In the interests of pure research, we endeavoured to create a Hotmail account for Fucka. We couldn't. Nor could we manage to create a Hotmail account for Mr Bugger. But we did manage to create one for a Mr G Sodomize, which you can test by mail gsodomize@hotmail.com µ * READER SCOTT CUMMINGS says his surname is also prohibited. Neither he, nor his sister or mother, are allowed to use their surname, with the usual nonsense message from Microsoft: "Your lastname (sic) contains a word or phrase that has been reserved or is prohibited for .NET Passport registration. Please type a different lastname (sic)". Microsoft had better watch out. Cummings is a Scottish clan.
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