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Posted: 5/22/2005 11:07:22 AM EST
I searched for this and found nothing so hopefully it is not a dupe. There is a current topic on this at DU and has them wound up and pissed off so I figured it would make for a good topic over here. Here is a snippet

There is the perception that fanatical insurgents bubble like oil from the Iraqi sands. Yet, having traveled in Iraq for nearly half a year, I have seen little real desert, and true fanatics are rare.

In an effort to be culturally sensitive and almost compulsively polite, we've mangled the meanings of words like: "martyr," and "suicide" to such a degree that we're using them to label mass murderers. While American and foreign media collectively increase the suffering of babes through their current fashion of cynicism, others seem to have a case of parents' guilt--unable to give the Iraqi suffering the undivided and ameliorative attention it requires. Instead, reporters rush at any sign of distress to hyper-focus on the negative, and thereby create yet more problems than originally existed. They shovel out body counts masquerading them as reports. A major US magazine recently published an unsubstantiated piece about the desecration of the Islamic Holy Book by US Forces. This story led to riots and many deaths. The magazine has apologized, but it’s too late. The people are dead.

Lengthy but a good read.

Michael Yon : Online Magazine
Link Posted: 5/22/2005 11:20:14 AM EST
Not the kind of article that leftist, America-haters want to see or read.

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