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Posted: 7/21/2002 3:46:06 PM EST
I have been trying to decide who to vote for. I have been looking on the net to get the scoop of what went on in the debates both Democratic and Republican. Every News Pages say the debates were heated and they talked about blah blah blah and Guns. The only problem when I read the news reports They dont mention anything about guns. Has anyone cuaght the Debates. Did either set of Candidates have anything good to say about guns.
Link Posted: 7/21/2002 3:48:13 PM EST
I don't know, but I guess that you can always contact the campaign offices about that plank.
Link Posted: 7/21/2002 5:56:44 PM EST
I did not see any of the debates, but I can speak to the voting records of the candidates in regards to guns. All 3 democrats have consistently voted for any legislation that dealt with more gun-control. The dem. front-runner, Granholm, was very vocal in her fighting CCW as the state AG. As for the GOP, Posthumus has been pro 2nd amendment throughout his career. The person running against him, Schwarz, usually votes for MORE gun control.
Link Posted: 7/21/2002 6:01:33 PM EST
Hey Sixgun, Lt. Governor Dick Posthumus is the man you need to vote for if you would like to keep your firearms and hunting rights in Michigan. He has the backing of the Michigan Coalition Of Responsible Gun Owners (MCRGO)and all of the shooting & hunting clubs I know of.Remember 1 vote could mean the difference in keeping your GUNS! Flamingred
Link Posted: 7/21/2002 6:03:41 PM EST
i have a hard time believing that posthumus will win, (i hope he does) but i would rather see a republican in office than a democrat just about all the time. as far as the voting record, i *think* that posthumus is pretty clean on guns, and i know that he is far more so than any of the other candidates.
Link Posted: 7/21/2002 6:20:57 PM EST
Hmm... Governor's elections... Here in WI we don't have much of a primary (on the GOP side), but then again, Scotty M doesn't have much of a chance (between the Dem candidates being better known, and Ed Thompson running as a 'vote drain' libertarian candidate (ala Ross Perot/Ralph Nader)). I hope he wins, or if we must have a Dem governor, Gary George, since both have said they'd sign CCW given the chance (George voted to bring it to the floor this year)...
Link Posted: 7/21/2002 6:28:30 PM EST
Posthumus is for hunting and gun rights. He has made adverisements stating that position. I think Granholm will ultimately kick his ass though.
Link Posted: 7/22/2002 1:19:09 AM EST
Originally Posted By Naked80: Posthumus is for hunting and gun rights. He has made advertisements stating that position. I think Granholm will ultimately kick his ass though.
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The word I've been getting is She'll Get the Union vote. Great!, F*^King unions will be the ruin of this country. I just don't get it! Tall Shadow
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