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Posted: 4/26/2001 5:28:51 PM EDT
is this getting out of hand[BD]
Link Posted: 4/26/2001 5:53:45 PM EDT
I downloaded all metallica songs from napster before napster was to block.might as well get them while you can.
Link Posted: 4/26/2001 5:55:17 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/26/2001 6:03:32 PM EDT
Well, I really like Metalica, but the fact reamins that they are yet to kill Napster once and for all. This one's too close 't call boys...
Link Posted: 4/26/2001 6:22:49 PM EDT
I remember years ago Lars Ulrich preaching on about how Metallica will always produce what the band likes and what the fans like and not give in to corporate radio and music.
Then Metallica did something they said they wouldn't do and have a MTV video. Which happened to be the "One" video.
Then they lightened up their heavy metal riffs into more modern rock. We saw this starting with the Black album
Personally I don't care about the hair-cutting thing. Looks like Kirk Hammet is growing his long greasy locks back.
Metallica is a talented group, however, they did sell out the heavy metal scene for the almighty corporate dollar.
Link Posted: 4/26/2001 11:04:57 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 4:33:54 AM EDT
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