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Posted: 12/25/2003 12:56:46 PM EDT
I hope that everyone has had a great day.
I've talked to everyone in my,  and Lady Rains respective families today. A. T. & T will be very happy.
Lady Rain's oldest is up for a visit from Charleston S.C., all her kids and her dad  were happy with their gifts, all in all a happy day for the Rain household.
Lady Rains Ex wanted to spend some time with his kids, but as usual his timing/planning sucks,he didn't really plan things well,  and we have tickets for all to see the latest Lord of the Rings at our local IMAX tonight.
Basically, we had the makings of a riot on our hands.None of the kids was happy about how their day was going to be spent.
I told Lady Rain that he was going to ruin their day with his late start, and to just invite him over to share a meal with us, spend some time with his kids, and to let them see the movie without rushing around.
He had plans for a meal of his own but we convinced him to save it, and have the kids over the weekend and make it then.
It works out better for everyone, and why F*ck with him? Lady Rain and I both know that our lives turned out better than either of our cheating ex's.
She thinks that I'm either very strange, or very secure, but it made her happy to not have her kids messed with.
Lady Rain has been very pleased with me all day, I think that my Christmas evening is going to be very merry indeed.

At times, life really is very good.

Merry Christmas y'all, I hope that it was as satisfying as my own.
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