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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/18/2003 8:58:29 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/18/2003 9:11:24 AM EST by Red_Beard]
If Scht0nk can control his temper, maybe we can continue this one.

from the other thread:

Originally Posted By drjarhead:

Originally Posted By Scht0nk:

Originally Posted By Red_Beard:

Originally Posted By AR-15NUTT:
sorry folks but this is needed !!!! BUT !!!

MUST be means tested, i.e., i have a great aunt that gets by on $650.00 a month, she turns down needed medication in favor of a warm home, she turns down medication in favor of food to eat, she probaly only has a few more years to live so why not give her the meds she needs ??

personally, i don't need Rx help, i am retired Navy & get all my meds & medical care paid for by my 24 years service....!!!

your aunt should go get a job

STFU ASSHOLE. Just wait until your parents or someone you love is only getting SS checks of about $600 a month and can't afford to buy the medicine they need. I guess an asshole like you would just tell them to GO GET A JOB. I bet you're the type that would just throw your elderly parents into a slumhole, roach infested old folks home......

If your elderly family members are rich enough to afford to pay rent, utilities and medicine. GOOD FOR FUCKING YOU.

Others have worked all their lives at blue collar jobs, never been in the position to get a pension and deserve a little dignity in their last years.

People like you need see what it's like to live in poverty, we'll just see how long it takes for you to go out looking for handouts....

You gonna tell my grandfather who is hooked up to a respirator with emphyzema from working all his life in a shipyard, inhaling all sorts of chemical fumes, fiberglass and god knows what else to "GET A JOB?"

We're the one's paying his $2000 a month medical bill, NOT YOU, SO STFU ASSHOLE.

And who's fault is that? You want socialism move to another country because people like us who are being bled f'ing dry are sick of it. Somehow I doubt more than 50% of YOUR income is sucked up by the gov't for losers like this. How much more would you have me give? How much will EVER be enough? I'll tell you when: When they can have as much as I make while sitting on their dead fucking ass.

Your relatives need it? BFD.
You give it to 'em.

Like I said before. WE ARE PAYING FOR IT. NOT YOU. AM I ASKING YOU TO PAY FOR HIS MEDICAL BILLS? NO, SO STFU. We take care of him at our OWN PERSONAL EXPENSE. Thank GOD we have family who give a damn because no one else would......this thread is a prime example.

Are you really a Doctor? You must get extreme pleasure in turning down people who need immediate care, just because they don't have insurance?

How is Medicare reform going to hurt you? Why can't Medicare be reformed to reflect modern times with all the miracle drugs, high technology and other advances made in the last 50 years? The medicare reforms planned will only help out those who can't afford it. People who have a fat pension should pay for their own damn medical bills. If we need Gooberment help suplementing our family medical needs, why shouldn't we be allowed to apply for it?
because that help doesn't come from gooberment, it's help that is stolen from me.

You have absolutely no concept of what hardship is until you are in a position to have to take care of an elderly family member who needs it. In your little worlds, rich people should be afforded lavish medical care, while poor people should get poor care, right?

Same goes for education in this country. If you are rich, you can send your kids to the best private schools with all the newest and best technology. If you're poor you have to send your kids to the public brainwashing school where kids are still using 30 year old handmedown textbooks and teachers are living at or below the poverty level.....

We're not paying for him? You're not asking us to pay for his bills? Well buddy, wtf do you think this medicare expansion is? It's asking (under threat of death or imprisonment) to pay pay pay and pay some more.

orginally posted by zoom:

originally posted by me:that will never happen because i was brought up with a good work ethic

How naive of you. I got my first job at 14 and have worked ever since. I'm still working seven days per week. I have no money, and I'm fighting hard to keep my house. My wife's nursing home bills are over $3k per month plus doctor bills plus medicine. You say it will never happen to you, but how do you know that? How will you plan ahead to pay medical bills that could easily be 10x as much per month as what you're now making per month. I saved an entire life-time, and after two years and two months after my wife getting sick, I have nothing in the bank. The $300/month in retirement I'm getting seemed like a lot when I worked for it, but now, it seems like almost nothing.

You're right, I shouldn't have said "never." I should have said "much much less likely". Did you have any kind of long term care or health insurance to help with your wife's bills? My died from complications in a bypass operation when he was 45. If he hadn't been insured, our family would be bankrupt right now.
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