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Posted: 10/18/2008 8:51:23 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/19/2008 7:16:15 AM EST by s32]
This Saturday I drove down to Prince Williams County Virginia for some GOTV doorknocking. This is third time I've done door-to-door work this election season. Back in September I was in Baltimore County going to the registered Republican homes and making sure there wasn't anyone else that lived there that was eligable to vote but not registered. Two week ago I did door-to-door in Fairfax Virginia. That was pretty good, ran into alot of McCain supporters. Took down emails of people interested in volunteering.

Today/yesterday(shit its late) a bunch of us Maryland College Republicans went down to Virginia again because our state is a libtard lost cause. The door knocking wasn't too great for my group. A lot of people weren't home and we were turned away by security at an old folks community. We did what we could and hopefully the campaign got so useful info.

So around noon we drove back to the Rep HQ for lunch. We got tickets for the McCain Rally that was going to take place later that afternoon. There was time to kill and a busy road right in front of us so we decided to do some sign waving.

Now one of our chapter member had a plumber fat suit halloween costume and some plungers. I thought it was effective.

Here is our "Joe the Plumber"

Anti-Obama pic

After sign waving it was off to the Rally.

Secret Service didn't allow my buddy to bring in the plunger though.

Phil the Brick-Layer

Keith Fimian for Congress.

I didn't get a good pic of former Gov. Gilmore.

We were in the back near the media bleachers.

Security on the rooftop.

John McCain!!

The media.

The future of the party.

100% American Hero.

Afterwards, me with the CNN bus.

Phil has an awesome sign.

Everyone wanted a pic with "Joe the Plumber"

And I will leave y'all with a reminder of what we're up against.

Got a little over two weeks before the election. I know you people can find some time to do some volunteer work. The campaign needs volunteers for door knocking and phone banking. Saying "Fuck Obama" on ARFCOM is great but it doesn't win elections.

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