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Posted: 11/14/2001 3:55:19 PM EDT
Link Posted: 11/14/2001 3:58:58 PM EDT
Link Posted: 11/14/2001 4:26:07 PM EDT
Who? Oh, that has been that keeps trying to screw with my rights... yeah, whatever. What a maroon (or is that moron)
Link Posted: 11/14/2001 6:56:37 PM EDT
Let's see if I have this straight. A man who's in the Air Guard is now flying combat air patrols over our cities. He sitting on top of a 20MM CANNON, loaded with explosive, armor piercing, incendiary ammo, capable of firing at 6000 RPM. He has Sparrow air-to-air missiles that can blow an airliner to bits. He can be trusted with all this. In his regular "day job" he's an airline pilot, but suddenly, he's not to be trusted with a 6 shot .38 revolver?
Link Posted: 11/14/2001 7:11:06 PM EDT
Exactly! The problem is this is not about reality its about politics and the publics irrational fear of firearms.
Link Posted: 11/14/2001 7:11:22 PM EDT
Link Posted: 11/14/2001 8:14:58 PM EDT
In AZ there was a recall effort underway (just started)...but it was cancelled on Sept. 11. We're looking for a replacement for the next election.
Link Posted: 11/14/2001 11:14:13 PM EDT
I find people pretty much split down the middle on this isssue, and it comes down to your opinion of airline pilots. If you think of Airline pilots as dedicated proffesionals then you probubly want them armed. If you think of Airline pilots as alcoholic skirt chasers then you dont want them anywhere near a gun.
Link Posted: 11/14/2001 11:42:20 PM EDT
Thats a shame, I think its a great idea. He has not been a friend of gunowners unfortunately.
Link Posted: 11/14/2001 11:59:34 PM EDT
And this surprises you how? BTW I noticed AR15fan's observation as well, but something I have been wondering about is why would these people get on a plane they believe is piloted by a drunk who is trying to get into the flight attendants pants harder then he is trying to stay airborne? Kyle
Link Posted: 11/15/2001 1:30:42 AM EDT
I've got John McCain and Bill Maher of "Politically Incorrect" in the some category, and the fact that McCain ran for President doesn't give him any more credibility than Bill Maher who has a network TV show. They're both friggin idiots!
Link Posted: 11/15/2001 3:59:59 AM EDT
Remember the music executive, who, upon learning of Elvis Presley's sudden death in Memphis, reflected a few moments and then said - 'Good career move'? Well, Sen. John 'Slap Happy' McCain is on his way to becoming the 'Marshall Petain' of his generation! Eric The(IMean,AllHeHadGoingForHimWas'Honor',OnceL­ost,It'sSoHardToRetrieve)Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 11/15/2001 5:02:11 AM EDT
John McCain should not forget that he was once a hard-partying, sixgun-toting, jet-piloting young man himself. How could the Navy trust him with a plane and a .38 revolver at the same time?!?! Horrors! We already trust our lives to these guys (airline pilots, that is) everytime we get on a plane. If we don't trust them with a pistol they [b]damn[/b] sure shouldn't be flying!
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