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Posted: 5/17/2001 4:25:03 AM EDT
I just need to vent... bear with me... After attending the recent VA shoot, I've been struck with the Class III bug. Time for more auto toys and supressed firearms. Only one problem... They are getting very expensive. [:(!] I just noticed that the 'anniversary' of this gun law is coming up. I decided to remind everyone about it. Here is a link about the FIREARMS OWNERS' PROTECTION ACT. [url]www.indirect.com/www/dhardy/FOPA.html[/url] Question, has anyone tried to get this law repealed? Arrg...
Link Posted: 5/17/2001 7:49:46 AM EDT
Repealed? Of course not! Why, no one [b]needs[/b] that kind of firepower! It's not [i]sporting[/i] to shoot Bambi with an Uzi. The only purpose for fully-automatic/semi-automatic/pump-action/bolt-action/lever-action/repeating firearms/firearms of any type is to kill people. Haven't you watched the TV news? We must make possession of firearms of any type by law-abiding citizens a crime. That way we'll be able to tell the criminals from the law-abiding people once and for all. (Oh, and the government. But I'm repeating myself.) And it'll make us [b]SAFE[/b] if we're unable to defend ourselves - just look at the shining example of ENGLAND! Don't hold your breath, 7. Remember, the job of the politician is to get re-elected - no more, no less. Repealing the machine-gun ban is political death, and they know it. We're massively outnumbered by the sheeple. [sniper]
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