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Posted: 8/26/2004 5:03:10 AM EDT
John Kerry 3 purple hearts zero days in hospital.....What is wrong with this picture.

Look at this article

Shame on you! Spotlight on Cleland in wound controversy

Even though he lost both legs and his right arm in Vietnam, Max Cleland was not awarded even one Purple Heart.

This is because his wounds were not the result of enemy fire, but came when, miles away from any fighting, he picked up a hand grenade he saw lying on the ground and it detonated.

In his autobiography, ``Strong at the Broken Places,'' the former Democratic senator wrote, ``I was not entitled to the Purple Heart . . . since I was not wounded by enemy action.''

The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have challenged the legitimacy of the Purple Hearts given to Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry [related, bio], saying that some of them were awarded for Vietnam wounds that were unintentionally self-inflicted. Military regulations at the time said recipients must be wounded by enemy fire.

The Kerry campaign has acknowledged that the wound he suffered for his first Purple Heart may have come when he was hit by shrapnel from an M-79 grenade round he himself fired.

The severity of Kerry's wounds also have been the subject of controversy.

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