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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/26/2002 12:58:55 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/26/2002 1:04:20 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/26/2002 1:12:18 PM EST
Massaging Muhammad - The media's whitewash of the Beltway sniper The American Partisan ^ | 25 October, 2002 | J. King Posted on 10/26/2002 2:33 PM PDT by The Right Stuff Massaging Muhammad by Jennifer King, Managing Editor October 25, 2002 "The Heretical Housewife" Ballistics experts and eyewitnesses have agreed, and it looks as though Maryland’s Police Chief Charles Moose has successfully nabbed his man. Suspected serial sniper John Allen Muhammad has been caught redhanded, with the rifle, a scope and alterations to his auto which effectively turned it into a shooting blind. This irrefutable and damning evidence has put the major media in an unenviable position, considering their not-so-secret longing for another Timothy McVeigh. By now, even the most casual peruser of the news has discerned that suspect Muhammad is black, thus defying 95% of the Cable News’ so-called “experts” who had confidently predicted that the shooter would be an angry white gun nut. Thus flummoxed, the media next flailed about searching for another favored target on which to pin the blame. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld was incredulous when asked - twice, by different reporters - if the U.S. military “felt” responsible for the Beltway shootings, because of the perp’s prior Army career. The media’s PC obsession and their slavish loyalty to absurd mischaracterization has once more blinded them to the real story, which is found in Muhammad’s last name. Mr. Muhammad, who was Mr. Williams until the year 2000, has an interesting record, to say the least. According to news reports, Mr. Muhammad provided a security detail for Louis Farrakhan, during the 1995 so-called “Million” Man March. Acquaintances have also come forward to report that Mr. Muhammad, a recent convert to Islam, was known for his anti-American, pro-terrorist rhetoric and that he always seemed to have a ready supply of cash despite living in a homeless shelter. The director of that shelter, the Lighthouse Mission, even reported Muhammad’s oddities to the FBI. The major media ignores inconvenient facts which don’t fit into their worldview - even if they reported on by others. Front Page Magazine’s Greg Buete, in a recent article, examines the links between James Ujaama, who has been indicted for trying to set up a terrorist camp in Bly, Oregon and Abu Hamza, a London imam associated with the Islamic Army of Aden - which claimed responsibility for the USS Cole bombing. Ujaama is also linked with Semi Osman, the former imam of a Seattle mosque he attended. Ujaama was implicated by Guantanamo Bay prisoner Feroz Abbasi, who affirmed Ujaama’s attendance at terrorist training camps in Afghanistan. Osman was nabbed at a citizenship interview, and charged with illegally attempting to gain U.S. citizenship. Osman’s apartment - in Tacoma - was searched and a wealth of material found, including “weapons, military maps, instructions on poisoning water supplies, propaganda of Abu Hamza and other materials related to Islamic extremism.” Ujaama is also charged with designing a website for the Alabama based Sakina Security Services, a thinly disguised front for Islamofascism which advertises “The Ultimate Jihad Challenge”, a two week training course held in Marion, Alabama. Sakina’s owner, Sulayman Balal Zain-ul-abidin, (alias Frank Etim) holds the course at a property called “Ground Zero, USA”, and uses buses and police cars as training targets. Zain-ul-abidin has also reputedly trained bodyguards for Abu Hamza. Mohammad’s “stepson”, Lee Malvo, who was caught with him, is an illegal alien from Jamaica. Jamaica is also the home of Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal, reported to be al-Queda’s number two recruiter. The links are intriguing, but blithely ignored. Outside the hallowed halls of mainstream media punditry, many regular Americans speculated that the Beltway sniper was, indeed, linked to terrorism. What better way to terrorize people than to gun them down while they were performing innocent everyday tasks like gassing the car and mowing the lawn? He showed no bigotry, murdering men, women, black, Latino and white alike. He even tried - and nearly succeeded - in killing a child, and he threatened to kill many more. This sniper, like other terrorists, was focused solely and determinedly on his hatred of all Americans. Most likely, like them, he also considers himself as acting upon orders from God. On September 12th, we thought the world had changed and for many of us it did. The media and the Left, however, are still dreamily ensconced in their world - where it’s always September 10th. If Jerry Falwell or Franklin Graham dares to assert that, perhaps, Islam has some inherent theological discrepancies, the usual Islamoapologensia pops immediately up to denounce them in strident terms. Falwell, for his trouble, had a fatwa declared against him. Yet, Mr. Muhammad terrorizes Washington and we’re supposed to understand his rage. Since the 1970’s, Islamofascists have been behind most acts of terrorism. They are uniformly Muslim, and usually ethnic. For the media, whose demons are white and Christian, this is intolerable. Therefore, these inconvenient facts are ignored like the proverbial elephant in the living room or the unseemly belch by a dinner guest which everyone politely pretends didn’t happen. Americans, however, for the most part are pragmatic realists. We realize we now have a serious Fifth Column problem, even if the media doesn’t. Our famous tolerance has been stretched to the breaking point by those who have shamelessly and deliberately exploited it. Instead of reading in my daily paper about “Muslim groups worried about a backlash against Muslims” (which hasn’t happened and probably won’t); I’d rather be reading a story titled “American Muslims forcibly denounce terrorism, marching in solidarity with their fellow Americans”. If that ever does happen, look for the media to ignore it. *** © 2002 Jennifer King
Link Posted: 10/26/2002 1:46:22 PM EST
Interesting read. I can't decide whether the media's undermining of America is due to incompetence or malice. -kill-9
Link Posted: 10/26/2002 1:55:43 PM EST
[red]JIHAD IN AMERICA[/red] [url]http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/fr/involved?group=178[/url]
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