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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/13/2002 6:11:28 PM EST
FYI. Received this tonight from a friend over at Montgomery Citizens for a Safer Maryland. Have been posting it all over the web. Thought you might find it interesting, to say the least. -Norm > Please send this to all of your contacts in the shooting sports in > the Wash/Metro area. Thanks, Bob, I've done just that. Hello Detective Woolsey. I have an idea to share with you and I'll do my best to keep it short. As a gun owner and father of elementary school-age children, I would like to see this crime solved as much as you or anyone. No lead left uninvestigated, no possibility however remote ruled out without proper investigation. But who is the most likely suspect? What I am hearing from you, and the media to date is conflicting, to say the least. I hear that (according to the profilers) the shooter is most likely white, ages 25-45, disaffected and yada yada yada. Maybe. Don't forget DC's shotgun shooter circa 1993-1994. But we hear a lot about gun owners and the risk we present. Mostly the white ones. It's been sparsely reported that two hispanic men are being sought. (aren't there any surveillance tapes?) In short, the usual suspects are being investigated, hence your somewhat offensive (to me) letter. Who or what profession is beyond reproach? I ask this because what the media seems to be detracting us from is the very real possibility that the shooter (not "Sniper," but murderer, killer, or plain shooter, but not to be honored with a word reserved for graduates of one of the military's most selective and difficult training courses) just might be one of "the good guys." A cop. Maybe a rent a cop, who drives between Montgomery County Maryland and Manassas Virginia daily, pulling odd shifts on weekends. Working his butt off, paying off an ex-wife, scrambling to make his car payments, working as a bouncer, not getting promoted like he was promised; maybe he got passed over through affirmative action... We all know that from time to time forestry workers and small-town firefighters SET fires in order to bring attention to their profession, their department, themselves, "Hey, look at me, I'm a hero." In the wake of 9-11, most all of the kudos, honors, awards went to FIREfighters, relatively little to police, or the police and intelligence agencies which failed us that day. In the wake of the Rodney King beating and LA riots, the police stayed home. It's not a very highly respected profession in many circles. So maybe, and it's worth investigating isn't it, this is a police officer or a SWAT wannabe who is able to pull these shootings off always one step ahead of the police whose radio chatter he is monitoring; he's able to slip away unnoticed, blending into the background because nobody would notice a plainclothes cop in an unmarked cruiser pulling into traffic in all the excitement. Didn't Justice under Clinton-Reno-Freeh arrange for Remington to produce something on the order of one hundred thousand suppressed weapons? Can you assure me that each and every police sniper weapon has been accounted for, and each one ballistically fingerprinted? Has every officer assigned one, every SWAT member or applicant refused entry into their ranks been investigated? For that matter, how many patrol officers carry .223 Cal firearms in their trunks? Has every police officer's whereabouts during the shootings been investigated? Anyone moonlighting in Manassas? Things to think about. Not very pleasant thoughts, but until I know this line of reasoning has been explored and ruled out conclusively, I won't begin to suspect my friends in the civilian shooting community. Thanks. And thanks for doing what must be a thankless job. I couldn't do it. Norm Balog, D.O. Family Medicine, Firearms Counseling NRA Certified Instructor: Pistol, Home Firearms Safety Silver Spring, Maryland ----- Original Message ----- From/To edited to protect recipients' privacy Sent: Saturday, October 12, 2002 5:53 PM Subject: Help Needed - Please see note > Forwarded from another E-Mail alert message. > > Bob **** > > > >>>>>>>>>>> > _________________________________________________________ > > Please send this to all of your contacts in the shooting sports in > the Wash/Metro area. > > 10/07/02 > > You all have probably heard of the homicides in this county and today > in PG County. I have been tasked to check with the local shooting > ranges and shooters recently using those ranges. > > If you have encountered anyone unauthorized to use a your rifle > range, or even something as simple as someone who failed to "sign in" > when using your range in the past two weeks, I NEED to know about it. > If you have encountered somebody that gave you a bad "gut feeling" at > the local ammo-store, I NEED to know about it. Something small and > possibly insignificant is going to be the key to these cases. > > The caliber is .223 (5.56mm). That could be a .222/.223/.220 > swift/.22 hornet/.22-250 or some wildcat. I know the news is focused > on a para-military semi-auto, but I am not sure that is right. The > shooter might be using an XP-100/Thompson Center Contender/New > England Handy-rifle/or even one of those 12ga. ovr .222/.223 Rusian > combianation-guns. (That might explain why only one-shot at a time). > He might also be using a Ruger #1, a Czec boltaction carbine, or a > Ruger/Winchester/Remington boltaction. > > If you folks have any leads please send them to me here. I know most > of you are cowboy shooters, but you all shoot on the same ranges as > the folks using the above rifles. Sincerely, Det. David A. Woolsey > MCPD email David.Woolsey@CO.MO.MD.US
Link Posted: 10/13/2002 8:51:03 PM EST
wow this is interesting.
Link Posted: 10/13/2002 9:03:26 PM EST
Kudos for having the balls to challenge the police. Its time someone suggested that this could be ANYONE, including those that gave an oath to protect and serve. Its not like police corruption and "bad cops" never existed before. In all likely scenarios, this one would be MOST PROMISING to keep our AR15's and other evil rifles, since this guy not only had it legally, but it was issued to him. I'm still hoping its a Remington Model 7 youth in 22-250. Imagine the cops holding it up triumphantly as the offensive sniper rifle? Sorry if I sound abrasive and callous, its 2am and I'm still researching and writing so I can go to the Columbus day parade tomorrow!
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