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Posted: 8/30/2005 10:25:52 AM EDT
A man has six children, and since he is proud of his accomplisment he begins to call his wife "Mother of Six". So one nite while at a party, he decides it is time to leave and asks his wife, " Mother of six are you ready to leave?" She responds with "Whenever you are father of four". HAHAHAHA.

A man who is displeased with his wife says that when she dies he will have " Here lies my wife, cold as ever". Her response was that if he dies first his head stone would read " here lies my husband, Stiff at last" HAHAHAHA.

A young attractive jock type marries the woman of his dreams, and after the wedding begins to set a few "ground rules". He explaions that he will be alllowed to go out boozing, drinking, card playing when ever he chooses, And he will also expect a nice dinner on the table when he comes home, if he chooses to come home. He also explains that he will be out late most nights and does not want to hear any complaining from her. His new says " That is fine, but just to let you know, there will be sex hear everynite at 7pm, wheteher you are home or not". HAHAHAHAHA.

Just some jokes I heard today, from my wife..................actually, I guess I better go home and make sure she is alone.
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