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12/6/2019 7:27:02 PM
Posted: 12/14/2013 9:13:03 AM EST
It seems that some posts like the recent “I warned the children not to bring religion into my classroom,” which was purportedly about a teacher that suspended a child for saying Merry Christmas was a hoax and came from a satire site. It is amusing to watch the GD TLDR crowd comment on this stuff while completely ignoring subsequent posts that point out that it is satire.

(Note: Today's "China lands on the Moon!" thread is in fact a REAL story)

I am not talking about your typical theory's, opinions, rumors, and conspiracies. (GD would no longer exist without those), but I am suggesting a "public service" where mods can put a "Known hoax and/or satire" banner at the top of a thread so arfcom does not contribute to the "re-tweeting" of misinformation. Since we are generally a more trusted source of information than most all of the msm, we should be more responsible about feeding into the uber fake stories.

Although I sometimes wish the duffle blog stories were real...

Its just a thought...
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